why is emory rated so high?

<p>isnt it stupid that they accept so much more in state students...i do realize it is state supported but wouldnt it suck for you to have worked your arse off only to go here and see kids barely get in only because they are in-state?</p>

<p>actually its only 17% In-state students (which is not a small percentage but better than most schools in the south)</p>

<p>really? woops i got it confused i thought it said 83% in-state lol.</p>

<p>emory is private. it isnt state supported like georgia state or u of georgia. im sure it still gets some funding but its not a public school</p>

<p>haha its okay it happens (im just a psycho and know the percentages)</p>

<p>oh and its pretty much funded by the coca-cola company (again, i'm really cool for knowing this)</p>

<p>Why is it rated so highly? If you look at the rubric that many of the rating magazines use...things like small classes, research opportunities, student life, proximity to cultural arts, alumni giving, retention and graduation rates factor in heavily. In other words, satisfied customers.</p>

<p>Emory is rated high because it is a wonderful institution with a tradition of academic excellence.</p>

<p>in the princeton review 351 best colleges, it got a 79 on academics, 93 on admissions, and 77 on campus life... why did it get a horrible academic rating?</p>

<p>bc its one of those schools thats much more difficult to get into than it is to do well once youre here</p>

<p>thats y I wasnt as awed when looking at it as before</p>


<p>What do you mean?</p>

<p>actually Emory has a 94 academic rating</p>

<p>maybe my book is out of date then. do you have the book or are you going off the internet crap</p>

<p>r u saying it is hard or isnt to do well here im sorry just a little confused</p>

<p>How competitive is Emory?</p>

<p>I mean that its really hard to get into but then the school is not as great as the hype. Am i right?</p>

<p>dont get me wrong, the schools amazing, i absolutely love everything about it. but a lower academic rating means that it's not difficult to do well in classes once in the school. which is perfect, because you have all the prestige of going to a name school like emory, graduating with a degree from a good school, with good grades. i just dont think the workload required to get good grades here is as much as equal status schools. the best of both worlds really</p>


<p>Cookiemonster, you're fairly clever</p>

<p>yes! that's TOTALLY the best of both worlds! i completely agree with you. i was really worried that it would be impossible to do well, but what you said is good to hear.</p>