Why is FAU ranked #272?

For people that care about rank, why does Florida Atlantic rank so low? I’ve never stepped foot on the campus, but my D was accepted and really wants to go there. I can’t get over thinking that there must be a reason its #272. Or maybe that’s the wrong attitude. Maybe some school has to be #272 and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the experience she will have there. No particular major, undecided…won’t be math/sciences.

FAU is a relatively new university, started in 1961. It has really exploded over the last 20 years with significant capital investments from the state. FAU will continue to rise over time. My oldest son goes there, is a sophomore, and loves it. It is a big & gorgeous campus, minutes from the beach, the dorms are nice & new. There is a nice football stadium on campus and a lot going on in Boca. Great weather all the time. Major corporations and all 4 of the Big 4 Accounting firms hire from FAU. Your D will have no trouble getting a job with a degree from FAU.


There are something like 2,000 accredited non-profit 4 year colleges in the USA. FAU is in the top 15% of them, so it actually has a pretty high rank overall.


Competition. There are a lot of universities in the US. A couple of years ago, FAU’s 6 year graduation rate of just 52% weighed down its rankings. But, this stat could signify that the students love the experience so much that they just don’t want to leave.

I am laughing since my daughter went to a small lac and it was like rated 250 something… In some ranking. But she got the best education and loved her learning there… So… Forget about ranking and go with the educational value and fit. Of course affordability also…

Wilkes Honors College appears to be an outstanding option for Florida residents. Should get more attention, in my opinion.

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