Why is GWU So Expensive?

<p>When I went to visit the GWU campus in Sept the admissions counselors told me (almost with pride) that they were the most expensive University in the country. In actuality, they're the <em>fifth</em> most expensive college but that's neither here nor there. I thought the school was great but I don't know why they charge more than 99.9% of all other schools. Profs get paid the same, class sizes are on par with other schools, the campus is beautiful and well maintained but so are most others and lots of schools that provide financial incentives and scholarships start from a much lower tuition base. What am I missing?</p>


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<p>I think that it is well worth the money, especially because I am an IA major. I do think it is overpriced however.</p>

<p>I am applying ED to GW, and am willing to fork over the money. If you are not ready for the financial burden, or you are not absolutely sure that you will succeed there, then it's not worth the money.</p>

<p>GW gives out great scholarships also. They even give up to 12,000 a year worth of tuition for students who obtain a 3.7 GPA. They add on to that for students earning a 3.8.</p>