why is it so hard for me to join a club?

<p>This may sound a little weird, but I'm having trouble fitting in to a club that I wanted to join. I'm already a sophomore in college and I am having a really hard time making friends. I have always been quiet and a little socially awkward when I was in the dorm last year but I still managed to have a few friends. This year, I decided to become more active by joining some clubs. So, I wanted to go check out a few clubs with few of my friends, but my friends never want to go to the any club meeting or any event with me because they are too lazy. I wanted to go to the club meeting, but I didn't want to go there by myself. </p>

<p>This quarter, I decided to be brave and go to the club's poker tournament by myself. So I went to the event, hoping to meet some new friends, but never got a chance to have a conversation with anyone. It rather became really awkward for me because no one was asking what my name is, what my major is, or where my hometown is. So I was just awkwardly standing like a tree and watched them playing poker. I tried to strike up a conversation with some people, but our conversation ended shortly.</p>

<p>Now it seems like it's impossible to make even a single friend and it has been over a year. It seems like everyone in each club has already found their group of friends and I am out of the loop. I am really tired of failing at making new friends. Sorry if it was too long, but do you guys have any advice?</p>

<p>You can't stand there like a tree. You gotta approach people and ask them what their major is and all that.</p>

<p>Most people love talking about themselves, so if you can get them doing that then you're golden.</p>

<p>I think you should explore some different clubs and try something new. I'm sorry you didn't have any luck at the ones you tried but maybe you should try striking up a conversation instead of waiting for somebody to approach you? </p>

<p>Perhaps you should just hang out on more social areas of campus instead of trying to mold yourself into a certain club, and are there any discussion/making friends oriented types of clubs? Poker is 't the most social activity ;)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>How about a dance club ? You could meet plenty of people there !</p>

<p>Yeah there are plenty of clubs on any given campus (even community college ones) some wear ran better then others. Often times they are begging for people to join, so like mentioned, smile, nod, approach people, be relaxed.</p>

<p>I know you are a sophomore, and I'm sorry you are having trouble fitting in. There are a lot of ways to get involved on campus that you may have not thought of. Here is an article called "Top</a> 10 Ways to Get Involved as a College Freshman". I just came across it and think that it offers a lot of great ideas for getting involved and making friends that you will fit in with.</p>

<p>I'm really socially awkward and shy too, but I've learned that if you just accept that you're going to be nervous at first, deal with it, and make yourself go up to people anyway, you'll eventually make lots of friends. Just be nice and ask lots of questions and don't think about looking cool or fitting in, just act genuinely interested in people. hope this helps :*</p>