Why is my Guidance Counselor doing this?

<p>On my transcript it shows all of my scores from every standardized test i ever took. I took the SAT 3 times and the ACT once, but I only want one of my SAT scores and my ACT score on my transcript. Why is she just updating my transcript every time I take a test? and how do I like tell her that I dont want all of the scores on there? Im just sorta like scared shes gunna get mad and I dont really know how to go about confronting her about this problem. Thx for any help/advice!</p>

<p>It's probably your school's policy. If you want to remove the scores from the transcript, simply approach your counselor about it and you can take it off... you most likely need a signature from your parent. Once you talk to your guidance counselor, she will tell you the details of the process. If you ask her politely, it's very unlikely that she'll get mad :).</p>

<p>However, just let you know, if you want to remove a certain score from the transcript, you probably have to remove all other standardized test scores as well.</p>

<p>The school can NOT put scores on your transcript if you do not want them on there. If they take all of them off embrace the 9 dollar fees that come with them.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about the colleges that you're applying too, but for instance the University of Texas at Austin wants prospective students to send in all of their scores. They plug each of the scores into a formula and use the score that will best help the student, which isn't always the highest of their scores (as odd as that sounds). UT-Austin also doesn't superscore.</p>

<p>Just a bit of information that may ease your anxiety, but it also depends on the school you're applying too.</p>

<p>Ds high school also lists all tests -- SATs, SATIIs, ACTs, APs, etc. We were shocked when we first noticed it and considered asking the counselor to remove them. You should talk to the counselor and ask for his/her advice on what to do. If you are a rising senior, you should ask as soon as school starts again.</p>

<p>thx everyone im prolly gunna have a meeting with my GC and my parents to clarify the situation. The main reason Im doing this is b/c the first 2 SAT scores are HORENDOUS and i just think that they will hurt my application in the long run. I mean my 3rd SAT score still sucks but it isnt as bad as the previous 2 and I just really dont want any college that I apply to to see them!</p>

<p>Ours have them. It is school policy. They are sometimes referred to as 'sticky scores' as in sticky notes. They are soft scores and the colleges you apply to will want the official ones from college board. You may be able to have them removed. You may certainly ask about any part of your transcript. Be polite, be direct and to the point. Your GC will not get upset with the inquiry.
Some schools do want all of your scores. If you have scores removed and then send all scores to only those schools via college board, your transcript will look odd when they see things missing.</p>

You may be able to have them removed.


<p>The OP can have them removed.</p>

<p>When you sign up for the SAT, ACT, etc enter the school code as "0000". </p>

<p>It's ridiculous how collegeboard requires you to input a school. If I don't want the scores sent to my school then that's how it should be imo.</p>


<p>I wish i wouldve did that before i took the tests :p</p>

<p>Don't stress. A meeting with your GC where you ask about this in a non confrontational way, asking that the information be removed should take care of this. Where students hit a brick wall with GCs is when they approach things as a demand and an attitude that "You work for me so you'll do what I want.". Avoid that arrogance and you're fine. If you email, have an adult edit for spelling and grammar errors, avoiding a communication style you might use with your peers (ie. slang and short-cut spelling).</p>

<p>If you are applying to schools that allow Score Choice, you can let your guidance counselor know that the schools you are applying to have indicated that they do not need to see all the scores, and that you took the number of tests you did with that understanding. </p>

<p>She should remove it. You did not intend for all scores to go to the schools, and the schools you are applying to do not require it.</p>

<p>Your GC is VERY familiar with Score Choice. Simply ask to have them removed. If the conversation leads, you can say because you are using Score Choice you feel that they could be counterproductive. That is a valid concern.<br>
Approaching your GC in a manner that insinuates she does not understand how Score Choice works is going to be obnoxious at best. Short, simple, and respectful. You should have no problems.</p>

This is the answer to another thread I answered. I hope it will be helpful to you.</p>

<p>Hi, I had the same problem with my daughters school a couple of weeks ago. This is not posting test scores is not in any way mandatory. As a fact College board and Act advises schools against it. (And if schools start giving out test scores College board is out of business) The reason is that this is a violation of your right to privacy as explained here.
Family Educational Right to Privacy Act.</p>

<p><a href="http://epic.org/privacy/education/ferpa.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://epic.org/privacy/education/ferpa.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Schools can be held legally acountable for this. In my daughters case, I just asked the supervising counsler at her school and they were removed, but I was ready for a fight that I did not get. Try just asking them to remove them. You have a right to have any thing removed that is inaccurate or shows a misleading picture. Good luck</p>