why is rutgers taking forever?????????

<p>I am a senior in high school and I applied to rutgers on October 22. On the rutgers status page it says that they have everything that is required. I applied to the nb business school, nb sas, and newark business school. I got into the newark business school a week after I sent my app. But I still havent got in to the other schools. Should I be worred?</p>

<p>My stats:
sat-2020 m-680 cr-620 wr-720

<p>I thought I had a good chance to get into all the rutgers schools I applied to...but know im worried. </p>

<p>Also do i have any chance for a scholarsship/</p>

<p>Your stats look excellent. They usually send out acceptances in groups. I have the same problem and my stats are lower than yours. If you're not getting in, I certainly am not.
They are cutting back on incoming freshman because of dorm space. They also get a TON of applications so it takes time. I wouldn't fret just yet. You WILL have your answer by February. Hopefully you've applied to other schools.</p>