Why is the Barron's SAT II Biology review book so thin?

<p>Like the title implies, I'm quite surprised at how thin it is. Some of the chapters are quite short...it's making nervous even though a significant of people here on CC recommend Barron's for Biology E/M...I finished reading Barron's AP Biology and Kaplan SAT II Biology and they both were WAYY more in-depth/longer.
Can anyone please assure me the Barron's Bio book is all right? I'm probably going to have to depend on it in the upcoming school year so please help me..</p>

<p>bumpp.. please anyone...?</p>

<p>Usually, when there is no answer to a thread in a while, it means that either the question is plainly dumb or its already been answered before or that the information is readily googleable or amazonable. ;)</p>

<p>why are you reading it if you already read the more detailed ones</p>

<p>Once people on here strongly recommended it, I bought it...</p>