Why is the forum so dead?

<p>Hey guys,
I just noticed this for more than a few weeks now, why is the forum so empty-at first I thought it was because of time differences but then sometimes when I work late and come in really late, as in even later;it's still very empty. I'm not always on, but before when I visited you could always see like several pages of yellow bulleted threads. Now you see like 2 on each subtopics. Freaky. Is it because the May SAT is done and over with? I don't know; anyways this is just one of my random threads</p>

<p>I think AP's are making everybody fed up with high school/college issues.</p>

<p>Yeah..it's the APs last week and this week.</p>

<p>After that, the June 2nd SAT II will come up, and this forum will be ALIVE again!</p>