Why is the Internet here so awful?

Multiple drops a day, extremely spotty coverage, and it’s constantly being “repaired”. Ethernet coverage is either non-existent or difficult to get (sometimes you actually have to call someone so they can come and turn on the ethernet in your dorm) and the speeds top out at essentially 10mb down (and only expect this at 3am on a tuesday). I know that implementing a campus wide internet service is probably very difficult logistically but this is a top school with billions of dollars in endowment in the middle of a city with google fiber. This is a pretty minor thing but at the same time I think it’s extremely embarassing for the school. There are beautiful libraries here with tons of modern equipment and state of the art PCs and Macs, yet the internet here is a consistent letdown. Don’t bother trying to game or download large files, you will always be frustrated.

To give you an idea, this is a speedtest result I got from Stevenson Library at 9pm on a normal weekday (The library in the engineering and science building on main campus): http://www.speedtest.net/result/6092188953.png

That sounds bad. Is it always like that? I wonder how it is rated 4.5 then.

all year, i haven’t had this issue hmm