Why is Trigonometry not UC transferable?

<p>I noticed Trigonometry is CSU transferable, but not UC transferable. That dosen't make since to me. I mean trigonometry has a prequisite of intermediate algebra.</p>

<p>they don't have trig at UCs so there is no equivalent course for it to transfer over as.</p>

<p>So precalculus is the lowest math offered at UCs?</p>

<p>At Davis they offer algebra 2 and geometry but they are for no credits AND they are only available if there are enough people who sign up. Those were the classes that didn't transfer in the IGETC so it stands to reason that they aren't offered as credited courses at the UC level.</p>

<p>I think they are considered more, hate to say it, remedial.</p>

<p>I never noticed that TRIG wasn't UC transferable. i need to take up to Calc 2, but only need college algebra before i transfer. i was going to take college algebra and statistics during the fall, then take trig in the spring, then take pre-calc next summer maybe. but now i think i might as well just do college algebra and stats then wait for pre-cal when i transfer. Will i be able to jump right into Pre-cal without taking trig when i transfer? here is what my math course sequence looks like at my CCC. </p>

<p>Imageshack</a> - mathcoursesequence.png</p>

<p>so i might as well just wait to take pre-cal when i transfer right? or will i still have to take trig?</p>

<p>it'd be pretty difficult to do precalc without trig especially when you get into polar coordinates and conic sections. it'd be easier to skip precalc and go into calculus than to skip trig and go into precalculus.</p>

<p>What exactly is college algebra? Is it a continuation of intermediate algebra? Is it hard?</p>

<p>Also, I'm either taking trig this summer or fall....could I take statistics instead so I can transfer to a TAGable uc in 2011? The way I had it planned it was gonna be trig fall > precalc spring....would I be able to transfer sooner if I took stats instead?</p>

<p>is a math placement test required for transfers or no?</p>

<p>^ Depends on how much math you are transferring in with. If you've passed a transferable Calculus course or higher with a C- or better, you don't have to take a placement test. That's at UCSD, but it's a pretty general policy. I imagine the same holds true for the other UCs as well.</p>

<p>To Dudemanguy, college algebra is about:Coordinate geometry and graphing techniques; conic sections; solutions to higher degree polynomial equations; functions; polynomial, rational, inverse, exponential and logarithmic functions; systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities; matrices and determinants; sequences and series; binomial expansion; mathematical induction; introduction to mathematical proof.CSU;UC transferable</p>

<p>Yes, its a countinuation of intermediate algebra accept college algebra is a little tougher than intermediate algebra. If you placed into trigonometry at your community college you would need that before you could take precalalculus. Unfortunately once you do both those math classes only the precalculus would be transferable credit wise. However, if you wuld then be able to take calculus at the UC considering you passes precalculus. Statistis is CSU and UC transferable, so it will give you tranferable credits in math. So You should do your statistics first if you need tansferable math credit asap.</p>

<p>To perfectsky it depends on where you tested into. All community colleges give a math placement test. If you tested into precal you would take precal and then follow the mathcourse sequence given to you. If you tested into trig you would have to take that first than go into precal and continue the mathsequence.</p>

<p>Some community colleges have a Trig/Pre-Calc class combined that is UC transferable. I think it's a good idea, as it can save the student a semester of math.</p>

<p>since were talking about math here, does anyone think it would be too much to take college algebra and statistics in the same semester? i really have no clue on how hard either class is and im trying to figure out what im going to take in the fall.</p>

<p>Statistics is incredibly easy. I suppose that's why all the social-science/humanities majors/slackers take it instead of Pre-cal.</p>

<p>To perfectsky, it depends on how good you're at math. Both college algebra and statistics have prerequisites of intermediate algebra. If you're good at algebra you should do fine in college algebra. Sttistics on the other hand only uses basic algebra concepts, but covers material you really don't see in any type of algebra class except for the basic algebra that is used in some of the statistical formulas. An introductory statistics classs covers: Exploratory, data analysis, methods of visualizing data, descriptive statistics, misuse and manipulation of data in statistical analysis, probability, binomial and normal distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, contingency tables. Neverteless, if you're really good at math all around you should do fine taking college algebra ans stats in the same semester.</p>

<p>To christian 612, many people don't just take statistics because they're slackers or liberal art majors. Business majors have to take a course called business statistics because statistics is very useful in business. It's also very useful in many other felds that include, but aren't limited to psychology, Business, engineering, and other fields. Thus, at UC Riverside if you want to major in business with a concentration in accounting you have to take business calculus and business statistics. Same goes for most CSU require business majors to take a business statistics course.</p>

<p>To UChopeful, well the community colleges that do offer that type of course would make trig transferable, but only because precal is mixed in. Because if they denied that class that is trig/precal in one it would be like denying precal. Precal is UC transferable. However, many community colleges don't offer them together and in that case trig would not be UC transferable.</p>

<p>To those that claim statistics is for "slackers"</p>

<p>Hey, I loved statistics. It can be applied to ANY field. The major requires calculus and in fact, there is calculus involved in stats at the upper division. I wouldn't call it a slacker career when it requires advanced calc, multivariate calc, etc. One can analyze efficiency and policy, financial data, engineering data, health care data, basically anything. Have to get an M.S. to get a good job, but the government pays a good wage for a B.S. in stats. Anyway, I want to do something I love and not be JUST swayed by how much money I'll make. I don't see why people keep insulting the social sciences. Those are great for developing human understanding and quite frankly not ALL jobs are in engineering, contrary to this forum's general belief. There are other jobs out there that people love doing that pay a good wage so, yeah. . .</p>

<p>anyone who says statistics is easy hasn't taken a real(calculus based) statistics course. There is a reason why statistics at CCC doesn't count toward the statistics major.</p>

<p>Jet what is CCC?</p>