Why is UCLA so Dangerous/rapes/assualts/robberies? It has the highest crime rate of all colleges over many years

Why is UCLA so dangerous? Why is there so much violent crime against students? Is there a lack of security on campus? There is a large amount of rapes, assaults, robberies on campus. It is very consistently dangerous over the last decade.

It is apparently based on FBI — Table 9 .

A footnote under each state table says "NOTE: Caution should be exercised in making any intercampus comparisons or ranking schools because university/college crime statistics are affected by a variety of factors. These include demographic characteristics of the surrounding community, ratio of male to female students, number of on-campus residents, accessibility of the campus to outside visitors, size of enrollment, etc. "

It also looks like only colleges which have dedicated college police departments are included (i.e. the numbers come from the college police departments). Colleges which are covered by local city or county law enforcement do not appear to be listed here.


Clickbait posts with screaming titles about rape and murder serve no useful purpose. Feel free to post on Crime Library.


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