Why is USC calling ALREADY?

<p>Oh, on another crazy note. USC called me today (application deadline for round 2 was LAST friday, the 27th, which is the day I submitted). They didn't leave a message. I called back when I noticed the missed call on my cell and they were all in an adcom meeting.</p>

<p>The lady checked my app and said it was fine, and she would let them know I had called back. Any idea what the call was about!? I'm freaking out over here. 1 business day seems to me to be way too soon to be calling with any sort of good news.</p>

<p>I just keep imagining: "This is USC adcom just calling to say we got your application, and we really appreciate the humor. However, we're going to need your real application now."</p>

<p>Anyone know what's up?</p>