Why is Yoshua back???

<p>^ 10char10char</p>

<p>Hasn't he always been on Sproul?</p>

<p>But what's he announcing now that his prediction of May 21 or October 21 or whatever failed?</p>

<p>He has another date now haha...idk what it is exactly anymore (may 20 something). It's posted on the UC Berkeley class of 2015 page on facebook.</p>

<p>i just want to put my foot through that stupid sign and scream, "Swear to me!!!"</p>

<p>I actually approached Yoshua last week and I was like, "what's up? you said we were supposed to die twice, and we, um...didn't." He was nice enough, but he quoted some passage from the bible, stating how the sheep or something (us humans) were fooled twice but the third time would be our reckoning (meaning that the first two times were meant to fool us, but the third judgment day is the real deal). Oh Yoshua. You make me want to ram my head against a wall. Not sure where he came up with his next, arbitrary doomsday date though. Apparently, we're all schedule to die in another 100 days or so.</p>

<p>i saw a horde of people walk by him and not one person taking his paper. I grabbed it because I felt bad and he gave me a really friendly smile.</p>


<p>Yeah, sometimes I really wonder if he has something better to do, but he seems to enjoy waving fliers and being ignored.</p>

<p>where does he live? and if he's not homeless, how does he make a living????</p>

<p>where does he live? and if he's not homeless, how does he make a living????</p>

<p>That guy is still around? Epic! He was spouting off when I was a little froshie almost ten years ago.</p>

<p>^^ some people are like cockroaches that never go away</p>

<p>Yoshua has been getting dates wrong for 10 years? LOL</p>

<p>He sometimes stations himself across from Strada, too.</p>

<p>I ran into him in the bathroom in MLK. In fact, I think we may have urinated next to each other, but I didn't really look to make sure.</p>

<p>is the "happy happy" man still around?</p>