Why isn't Computer Science part of Pratt?

<p>Just wondering.</p>

<li><p>Because it's not an engineering discipline. </p></li>
<li><p>Because it's the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences</p></li>

<p>I thought a lot of other colleges (eg Stanford I believe) offer it in the engineering depts.</p>

<p>Pratt already has an Electrical and Computer Engineering Department</p>

<p>No well I mean, in the school of engineering at a lot of schools like MIT and Stanfrd, EE and CS are offered in the same department.
I'm just curious as to why in Duke, CS is in Trinity while EE is in Pratt.</p>

<p>Why does it matter.</p>

<p>I definitely don't know that much about this, but I always thought that computer science specifically dealt with theoretical, algorithmic, and analytical aspects of programming, while disciplines such as software engineering would be a more hands-on, less theoretical approach. I think it's similar to how Physics would be in Arts & Sciences, while Mechanical Engineering is in Pratt; MechE deals with applications, while Physics deals with theory.</p>

<p>1) above posters are correct
2) why does it matter?</p>

<p>If you're an engineer and want to take CS, you can take classes in Trinity. You can
major in both schools.</p>

<p>see arzachel response</p>