Why keep up the false hopes?

<p>Umich needs to explain to all of us why wait list such a large number-in thousands-when they know very well that they are not going to dip into the wait list.</p>

<p>They have the yield data of several years on which to manage their numbers(which they appear to be doing quite well). </p>

<p>So it just doesn't make sense to give false hopes, at a time when the kids should be settling down to their academic plans.</p>

<p>Is it some kind of PR exercise? If so it is actually backfiring!</p>

<p>I know. I had such a good image of UMich so far but it turned out to be a cruel, merciless maniac.</p>

<p>that too it isn't based on merit....spots are filled...everyone gets waitlisted...really why raise hopes??</p>

<p>plainb: I had this discussion with my husband last night....Maybe a mod can chime in (or Xiggi)....There may be a statistical reason to waitlist so many students; not sure if it's a ranking criteria, or as you say a PR spin....but acknowledge, UMich is not the only school that waitlists thousands with a slim to none chance of going to the waitlist....The difference being is that UMich defers and then waitlists, dragging students out who applied more than 7 months ago.....</p>

<p>Even a schools like Emory or Wash U, who in past years have taken from the waitlist b/t none to 100 have waitlisted a "couple of thousand" students this year.....</p>

<p>Anyone have a theory? And no, I don't think it's because they are more unsure of yield this year...even with an unsure yield, these schools are not going to have to take even 200-300 at max (and that is a ridiculously optimistic number....) off their waitlists.......</p>

<p>FWIW, my daughter has not had to feel the pain of rejection this year at all.....It's sooo stupid.....We kind of wish she was just outright rejected from some of her schools; save alot of time discussing, "should I stay on?".....No, she moved on from all her waitlists....Tired of the process (8 months is too long as it is)</p>