Why low retention and graduation rates?

FWIW I’m going to post the same on UNC-Greensboro

Only 79% of Freshmen return for year 2 and only 36% graduate in four years. 60% in 6 years. Why?. Where do they all go?

I do know that UNCA has a joint engineering program with NC State (2 years UNCA and 2 Years State) but still, they wouldn’t be making up that much of the percentage.

I forget where - maybe Boston College - but some school published percentage of students transferring in good standing to another school. This is an interesting number as there is a world of difference between flunking out and moving to the college that you should have attended in the first place.

I think the low graduation rate in four years might have to do with the required set of core courses at UNCA. But that’s just a guess based on someone else’s guess…

@rfwolf Required set of courses? Is it different than other UNC schools?

I used to attend UNCA, one semester and I was out. They require a 2 year sequence of humanities courses, which are notoriously difficult to gain spots in once the registration period opens. There’s also a foreign language requirement which is mandatory even for STEM/non humanities majors. Many students end up staying later at the university/getting behind in their major because of UNCA’s liberal arts core.

Some flunk out, some transfer up to a school that they were denied at as a freshman applicant.