Why no GRE test around Minneapolis?

Why are there only 2 test dates in July and none in August for the MSP/St. Cloud region? My daughter has been prepping a bit for the GRE over the summer. We expected the test to be offered nearly every day. She recently finished her online summer classes and when she went to pick a day to take the GRE, out of the several test sites in the area, there are only 2 test dates. One in 6 days and one in 9 days. She is not ready and expected to be able to take the test in August. Little Stevens Point, Wisconsin (a 3.5 hour drive) offers tests nearly every day. This makes no sense. Any suggestions?

Perhaps they are already booked and therefore not available? When my D took the GRE, the closest location (~15 minute drive) was available for the first test, but when she decided on a retake, every site in the County was already booked. Nearest availability was a 80+ minute drive, but a few days later a closer site became available, so her drive was cut to 45 minutes.

In other words, keep checking for availability as folks change plans and cancel all the time.

Thanks for the advice @bluebayou. We will check to see if availability changes! However, there are several sites in the area and it seems unlikely they are all full for the GRE. Other cities seem to have plenty of testing available.

Does anyone have experience with the option of taking this test at home? It is all on a computer anyway. My kid would prefer to take it at an official site, but it seems like that may not be possible around here.