Why Northwestern Essay Word Limit

<p>The Northwestern supplement tells me that there is a 300 word maximum on this essay.</p>

<p>My essay is 446 words at the moment, and I feel it is substantive and concise nonetheless. </p>

<p>Should I find a way to cut 146 words, or would the AdComm understand?</p>

<p>Can you send an email or call AdComm and find out?!</p>

<p>I send an e-mail that last night. I just made a post on here to see if one would answer me quicker than the other. My e-mail was replied to quicker, I can go over 300.</p>

<p>That’s great! Good Luck with your application.</p>

<p>As a rule of thumb, in the case of an essay that is uploaded rather than copied and pasted, going slightly over the word limit is perfectly fine, as long as it is no abused. I think 301-400 words is ok, but over 400 may be too much.</p>