Why Penn or Why Wharton

<p>I am not sure, when I am looking at my essay, it almost like "why Wharton" instead of Why Penn, because I express my interest in business, and wharton could give me.
Is that Okay? or I should talke about Why Penn as overall?
i don't want they think I come to Penn just for Wharton(I am not).!Thanks!</p>

<p>exactly what I did at first. I don;t know your essay, but if it is the way i understand, rewrite, and add more on penn as a whole.</p>

<p>well, if you're really interested in wharton, i don't see why it's a problem since wharton IS in penn afterall.</p>

<p>Thx! I went to Penn past summer, and fell in love with this school, that's why I am going to ED it, but as I am applying to Wharton, so I am thinking about show my interest in business, so my essay turns out like "Why Wharton", but of course I love Penn itself also!</p>