Why people should stop asking on this thread "Choose the right college for me?"

Granted, some of the people who ask that common question might be t r o l l s; they put up ridiculously good stats and expect people to say “apply to Harvard, MIT etc” and by receiving that kind of feedback, they fulfill some sort of self pride. However, there are most likely others who actually ask this sincerely–and it is worse than a t r o l l asking such a question.

Think about it. If someone is asking this question, then they aren’t choosing a college based on their interests, preferences or own decision. They’re giving data to someone else and asking them to make the decision for them. This is not an ideal thing to do. Yes, there are a lot of experienced people on this thread, but even so, how do you expect another person to know what college is right for you? Only you know your likes, dislikes, etc.; it might be helpful to ask this question in the hopes of narrowing down search options, but honestly finding colleges is something that should be done by the individual.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. I just see alot of the questions and wonder why people ask this. A right college isn’t something you can ask other people who hardly know you about. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a stupid question at all. When I was a junior, with a much worse GPA than most of these posters, I hadn’t really heard of any non public schools outside of a couple of Christian ones (I’m Jewish so obviously not a fit) and an LA LAC. Most people only know a few local and top schools, so why not ask other posters what they would recommend?

Before I started obsessively reading guide books and researching higher ed, I had never heard of schools like the University of Denver, Allegheny College, University of Puget Sound, St. Lawrence College, or any number of other academically strong institutions. These all would have either fit me as a freshman or as a rising senior, although my extremely Southern California centrist knowledge about colleges likely would have prevented me from applying to the institutions.

By the way, last year I used CC to help find a school for my brother. Next fall he will attend one of the institutions discussed on the thread. Personally I strongly believe it to be a much better fit for him than any of the other universities he was originally considering, a statement that my parents and brother agree with.