why read essays...

<p>if you aren't going to respond with advice? I PMed my essay to about three people over a week ago and only got a response from one of them. I know they can't use my essay for themselves becuase it really wouldn't fit for many people.</p>

<p>but be carefull sending essays out, becuase most people won't actually help you.</p>

<p>lol, I find it amusing no one responded to the thread about not responding...</p>

<p>i wouldnt ever PM my essay out, regardless of whether i think they could use it or not...you can always take one or two great sentences, and after the work ive put in mine, theres no way id let someone even get an idea from it</p>

<p>so many people PM their essays out here. even if you're going to steal an idea or something it would at least be nice to give some feedback like was asked for...</p>

<p>I PM my essays out...I'm not too wary, which is probably a bad thing.</p>

<p>i think i made a mistake my PMing my essay out.... 4 people didnt reply to me and the other sent me some BS comments. so everyone should be extremely careful.</p>

<p>usually check the previous posts by the people who offered help. So of them even started threads like...help me i'm getting 500s on CR.</p>

<p>another reason is that people get very lazy once they actually are sent the essay. I offered to read two essays a while back and have only really critiqued one. I don't even remebmer whose the other belonged to, mostly because i didn't read it.</p>

<p>as i said, laziness. at least for me, lol</p>

<p>I can't remember if it was your thread or not, but a few times I have offered to read essays and give critique, but have not gotten a single PM. Maybe these people just don't trust me or whatever, but it's possible that the PM didn't go through.</p>

<p>I tend to send essays to people with higher post counts and who didn't join recently. Like I remember during UC month there were a ton of November joiners with no more than 10 posts, all kindly offering to check essays. Yeah... I didn't PM my essays to them. With 26 posts and having joined this month, I wouldn't be likely to PM my essay to you either (no offense). I prefer sending them to established members.</p>

<p>I offered to help others out and didn't answer a couple. As rockers said, just sheer laziness. Also a lot of people asked for help the day before the deadline, so I figured by the time I got to it, it was too late anyhow.</p>

<p>Someone requested a revision of their essay
I revised it and sent it
I never heard from that person again :/</p>

<p>I know the CC forums can go down every once in awhile. I know that after I offered to read an essay for somebody, the site wouldn't load again and when I next logged in I had forgotten about the PM I had been waiting for earlier.</p>

<p>I sent mine out to 4 people, 2 of them I knew from the transfer forum, 1 was a person who had a low post count but wanted to help anyway (and he did) and the last one was a person who had a very high post count (700s) but never responded...</p>

<p>I know post counts aren't the best way to go about it, but it's like a credit history, if you will. I'd say overall 75% of people reply with good advice.</p>

<p>People read essays and then give no advice for reasons like the following:</p>

<li><p>They are hoping to find essays to steal. (They may have asked for your essays not knowing that it wasn't stealable).</p></li>
<li><p>They are insecure and before writing their essays want to see what other people are doing.</p></li>
<li><p>They are just plain curious.</p></li>
<li><p>They don't feel confident in their ability to critique, but they enjoy reading essays.</p></li>
<li><p>They are looking for essays to sell. Even if they can't use your essay, they may be able to sell it to others.</p></li>

<p>A suggestion for students: It is more likely that you'll get a useful critique if you ask for help on the parents' forum.</p>

<p>^^^^ :O Seriously...? (wish I had known that a month ago)</p>

<p>yea, parents have long long and insightful suggestions</p>

<p>:( WISH I had known before.... :( My essays needed a lot of perfecting...</p>

<p>I've gotten some extremely helpful advice. I recommend only PMing it to people you know...</p>