Why Rider? HELP!

<p>Daughter has a choice between two fantastic programs. We know the differences in BFA and BM. What made you choose Rider or want to? Thanks!</p>

<p>My D met Robin Lewis last summer and was so impressed with his skills, background and the way he interacted with his students. He has a great resume and connections. His influence in the program has really elevated the dance at Rider. Not to mention, the dance minors get to take classes at the Princeton Ballet School.</p>

<p>In December, she visited the campus and saw a senior recital - the student’s talent was phenomenal. She definitely saw the benefit of Westminster Choir College vocal training there. Also, met with Mariann Cook, who really impressed us with her background and passion. She spent over an hour talking to us about the vocal opportunities and training they provide. She definitely promotes a close knit family in this program - something that was very important to my D.</p>

<p>The students she met were down to earth, open and dedicated; she felt a connection to them. They can audition their freshman year and this year, several freshman she met were cast in top roles. Their program is definitely getting a lot of attention and my D is very excited to be part of it.</p>

<p>I posted a reply to the thread “OCU or Rider” if you want to get some more specific information based on my S who is a current freshman MT major at Rider. In short, my S has been extremely pleased with his decision to attend Rider! The training in all areas is outstanding and it is a true “triple threat” school! The students have been welcoming and supportive of the incoming freshman class and he has made lots of friends. My S would tell you that if you attend Rider you will work hard, be constantly challenged to be the best you can be, and learn more than you can imagine…all while having a ton of fun! Good luck with your decision!!</p>

<p>djexpress, I second everything that MTDancerMom and tcork128 said. My daughter has made the decision to attend Rider in the fall and I could not be happier with her decision. The support and bond from faculty, current, and incoming students is already evident. The talent, training, opportunities, and supportive environment are what made her decision. My D has spent the last four years at a performing arts HS and has had college on her mind the entire time. I believe she is very lucky. Rider is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with! Most importantly for me, I am confident that I am leaving her in good hands.</p>

<p>MTDancerMom, I wish I had enough posts to reply to you! My D is on the accepted students list too and I know they are friends already!!! I hope I get to meet you soon.</p>

<p>I’ve posted elsewhere so I’m sure folks know we’re very happy with the MT program at Rider, but I’ll add that my son has had a great freshman year. He was cast in three productions (2 plays and 1 musical) while taking a full load of MT and honors classes. Because of AP credits he also added a 2nd major in arts administration. He’s been into NYC for fun & shows, and for the Strawhat Auditions, where he had several callbacks and booked a summerstock job. All in all, we have no hesitation in recommending this program. Best of luck to you in your decision-making process.</p>

<p>My D attended dance/MT classes after school (jr.and sr. high) at Robin Lewis’ Tex-arts Academy here in Austin for years. He then left to work in the Texas State program before moving on to Rider. He is an amazing talent/teacher and has an incredible list of connections. Your child will be in good hands at Rider!</p>

<p>Wow! Thank you everyone for your thoughts. My D loves OCU and had great feelings on campus as well. There is no doubt she would be in great hands at either school. The vocal training just seems stellar.</p>

<p>So now it’s April, 2014 and decision time for a new class. Any current or prospective MT students or parents have any additional information or updates to these posts from last year as to Why Rider? Any information would be very helpful. </p>

<p>Hi @MTdad222, I have an S who is a current sophomore at Rider MT, as does @tcork128. We’ve already posted here, but if you have specific questions, feel free to private message me. Hope your S or D will get a chance to visit campus for accepted student day or for the upcoming musical. </p>