Why Should I "Focus" My EC's???

<p>My question is: Why is it so important to "focus" your EC? I mean... wouldn't it be better to show that you were actively involved in various EC's to show your well-roundedness, rather than being narrow and "focused" on one thing?? Sure, it's good to show passion for a specific thing, but there are just wayyy too many interesting EC's out there! If I don't "focus" my EC's, will that hurt my chances??</p>

<p>Depends on the ECs. WHile it certainly will not hurt to have a variety, your emphasis should be on a core few that revolve around a specific passion, such as music or science.</p>

<p>Most of the time, having many random ECs just seems like you're trying to build your application. </p>

<p>However, since you find them all interesting, I'd say stick with them, as long as you genuinely enjoy it.</p>

<p>Do whatever you enjoy. I think CC can sometimes be a negative influence in these things.</p>

<p>I mean, really. I wasn't on CC before or during the time I was filling out my app. As a consequence, I wrote down 4 "primary" activities, because I've done those 4 consistently and then a bunch of other random stuff just to try. As it turns out 4 is "not enough," at least according to CC. </p>

<p>But with the way I did it, I was happy. I have my hands totally full with the 4 "primary" things I'm doing right now, but I've also managed to learn a lot from the other stuff I did. I probably don't look as impressive as someone who took Piano Lessons, won competitions, and wrote that on the app instead of doing cooking, acting, and other things I did and didn't write down, but at least I was happy during high school.</p>

<p>That's sort of a rambling answer, but in short: if you want to do a bunch of ECs because you like them, do them. You can always write about how you are genuinely interested in them in one of the essays, or leave some of the more superfluous ones off that app (though I don't think that's necessary). There's no sense in quitting something you enjoy.</p>