why so many negative comments on studentsreview.com?

<p>I really was going to apply to columbia but do you think the bad reviews on studentsreview.com should affect my decision?; are they true? I read complaints about faculty, snobby students, bad attitudes, etc. and I know that I shouldn't read too much into others people's comments, but, there were so many! could anybody share what the real experience might be like at colmbia? tanks</p>

<p>Dont listen, its a great school, and its probably from whiny students who were angry at their large workload at the time.</p>

<p>Its true that there will be some snobby students, but there will be snobby students anywhere. It is a great school and you should still apply, espescially if you think you will get in. There will definately be a number of people there you do get along with, and people might be less snobby than you think.</p>