Why such a high acceptance rate?

Can anyone explain possible reasons for ISU’s high acceptance rate? Could it be that most students that do apply know they will get in if they achieve that number Iowa schools use?
Iowa’s acceptance rate is very high also. ???

@rkrueger0709 You partially answered your own question. That number/formula that all the public universities in Iowa use is determined by the Board of Regents. That is what is used to determine admission to all the public universities in Iowa…they have no say who they accept.

Wondering if this leads that leads to a higher dropout rate? Also wondering if the board of regents raises and lowers the number certain years.

I don’t think the RAI (Regent Admission Index) number changes. I did a search for the number 245 the Iowa State thread and found the RAI was still 245 back in 2009.

I think there is bound to be some weeding out, even if it is unintentional. ISU offers tons of academic assistance if needed though…supplemental instruction sessions, low cost tutoring, academic coaching, etc, all in addition to the usual office hours.

Automatic Admission Policy due to state legislation, Board of Reagents dictate the admissions for undergraduates. so only those people apply who have a 245 and above RAI score. All three schools public schools of Iowa are required to accept students with scores higher and equal to that. However, Many Many students leave engineering after their first or second semester. It is a school known for their rigor and challenging academics so many students who can’t handle the coursework transfer or drop out completely. I personally don’t like this method and so do the professors in the Engineering department there. But, its a public institution, no matter how big or famous of an engineering college it might be, their first priority is their own students. Iowa also does only have 3 public universities, as opposed to 50+ in some neighboring states.