Why SUNY-Geneseo's ranking in US-News is so low _Regional #8??

<p>Have a question and would appreciate some comments to understand your point of view:</p>

<p>When I see US-News collage ranking, SUNY-Geneseo is ranked #8 as regional university. Its mean its doesn't even counted among top 150 national university. Why this collage is ranked so low even it seems to be very selective (38%) and SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile score are 1220-1390.</p>

<p>Many other collage with much higher acceptance and low SAT score are ranked much much higher.</p>

<p>Am I missing some information on SUNY-Geneseo that is not widely available?</p>


<p>All of these rankings can get so confusing....</p>

<p>In that same publication Geneseo was also ranked as the top "Up-and-Coming" and "Best Undergraduate Teaching" regional university in the north and also ranked second in the "Best Public Schools" category in the north. Not too shabby....</p>

<p>According to US News, "To sort colleges and universities into their appropriate ranking categories, we used the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education 2010 revisions to its highly respected Basic Classification. The Basic Classification is the traditional framework that Carnegie has used to classify colleges." </p>

<p>"Regional Universities offer a full range of undergrad programs and some master's programs but few doctoral programs."</p>

<p>As a prospective student, I had the same concerns. But let me tell you, though I can't explain rankings, the kids who attend here are incredibly smart, I've met dozens of kids who were on top of my class and everyone here really has an interesting, unique prespective on life, especially upperclassmen as they really seem to have learned so much about life and themselves while attending Geneseo. In addition, I've loved every professor I've had. The challenge of classes is stimulating and exhilarating - I was never a nerd and now I'm always excited and feel accomplished as I study and complete schoolwork. Geneseo is well-regarded in New York job market and has prestige because people know that you've got to work to get in, and that work ethic at a public school is just different than at a private school. These are all just my experience and as self-absorbed as it sounds, I think my testimony and experience have more relevance and meaning than any obsolete, systematized ranking.</p>

<p>Don't put too much emphasis on rankings when choosing your undergrad school.</p>

<p>Geneseo is neither a liberal arts college nor a national university. It is ranked against its peers as determined by its Carnegie Classification. Villanova University ranks #1 in the northeast in this category.</p>

<p>Most people would probably rank Villanova ahead of Geneseo, but many would argue that Geneseo is a better school than The College of New Jersey (#4). And I know many NYers would take exception to the suggestion that St. Joe's and the University of Scranton are Geneseo's equals (tied at #8).</p>

<p>Be that as it may, I think nysmile has it right.</p>

<p>I didn't think that 8th in the region (especially the north) was low. Anyway the rankings have a lot of elements thrown in there. Freshman retention rate, alumni networking, the students they accept, the job opportunities that are available for that school, what students do after graduation, cost, etc. So this might explain why it had what you call "a low ranking". I'm not just saying this because my school is tied with Gen. I'm actually looking at Gen as a transfer school since Scranton costs way to much</p>