Why take A.P. classes?

<p>^^^ How does my grade and age detract from anything? The OP clearly is not a true CC-er. We CC-ers don't even need to ask what APs to take - we take them all.</p>

<p>^ The OP is a 5 year CC veteran. He's still relatively active.</p>

<p>^^Taking all of the AP classes available is almost impossible.</p>

<p>^ Actually, your ability to detect sarcasm is impossible.</p>

<p>^What's sarcasm?</p>

<p>I take them because if they stuck me in a regular class, I'd go crazy and cuss everyone out.</p>

<p>Depending on where you are considering going to college, the criteria for giving college credit for AP tests is different. More and more colleges are reluctant to take AP tests results because they don't feel the AP courses go into enough depth. Check with colleges to see what scores they will accept; often you must score a 4 or 5 for it to count. The College Board is actually in the process of changing the required content of many AP courses; starting in 2011 they will focus on concepts and thinking strategies, rather than specific memorized information. For instance an AP history course will focus on the causes of various wars, and what led to the conflicts, rather than dates of specific battles. Just be aware that taking an AP test does not necessarily mean you will get credit for the class. </p>

<p>You should take AP classes because they interest you rather than for the credit. Then if you get the credit, it is a bonus!</p>