Why take A.P. classes?

<p>I am planning on taking like 4 to 5 A.P. Classes in my junior year and more on my senior year. Do I need to take all those A.P. classes? I'm kind of aiming to get a lot of college credit in high school. Will I exactly get a lot of college credit for this. Which classes can "guarentee" that you get credit. But also will colleges like it if you take a lot of A.P. classes so then will they see that I'm pushing myself? If not then I think I will reduce my course load. </p>

<p>Here's a list of some A.P. classes that I might take. Can you see these and tell me which ones are good? </p>

<p>A.P. Human Geography
A.P. European History
A.P. Physics B
A.P. Psychology
A.P. Computer Science
A.P. Spanish</p>

<p>AP Euro, AP Spanish, and AP Comp Sci will almost definitely get you college credit. Many colleges accept AP Psych and AP Physics B for placement but not credit. I'm not sure about human geography. </p>

<p>AP classes are great. I'd take as many as you can handle (and that interest you).</p>

<p>Do you only get college credit if you take the AP test?</p>

<p>At most schools you can submit SATII scores or take the SATII upon arrival to get to a next higher level class.</p>

<p>crazyscientist-Yes...usually. Most credit is given on the basis of AP, IB, and SAT II exams. </p>

<p>However, you can sometimes get credit via placement exams during orientation.</p>

<p>yeah, just imagine how much you'll save by skipping a certain class in college. the $80 to take the test in high school is a whole lot better than the $300 in college</p>

<p>Only a rare few schools take APHuge credit. Which leads perfectly into my "not enough institutions offer a geography major and they should because geography is key to understanding this globalization era that we are in, hello-geopolitics? and with nobody understanding geography it's rather hard to understand politics" speech.</p>

<p>But I've said enough. I personally loved the class, but it's not difficult to self study if you're interested in it and can't find room. Though, again, beware that not many schools care about geography.</p>

<p>I personally dont think twice about college credit when I consider AP classes. I am interested in taking AP's purely for the challenge and the extra bump on my weighted GPA. Gaining college credit hardly crosses my mind.</p>

<p>I agree with A-san too. I'm usually interested in the materials themselves I learn in AP classes (except for AP Lang/comp because my school forces all juniors to take that class! ahhh!) and challenging myself to the limit. Plus, you hardly see slackers and kids who ruins the class environment in AP classes too but that's just my opinion.</p>

<p>btw sciencenerd, its better to focus on taking AP's on topics you are actually INTERESTED in. I am not talking about the "genuine love" b.s. but I am talking about interest or preparedness for your potential major. Dont take AP classes just because, unless your in your Senior year, then I guess its ok to take all AP, but other then that, take classes your intersted in.</p>

<p>For example, I am potentially majoring in Business and Philosophy/Social Sciences therefore I am taking classes like Euro History, US History, World History, and then classes like Calculus AB and Language. I dont plan on spending time with classes like Biology or Computer Sciences, or even Geography etc, because it doesn't interest me nor would it help toward my major as much as other classes like I mentioned above.</p>

<p>AP classes change lives. </p>

<p>It sure has changed mine! ;)</p>

<p>I love AP classes... they're so fun... haha
Anyway, as for college credit. Check the school you are interested in to see what AP scores they accept. But the subjects that pretty much anyone will accept are the much more difficult ones, like Physics, Biology, Calculus, English, Historyand the Foreign languages. Public universities (in California anyway) accept almost every test for credits at the least, and many scores can let you skip courses. But it really is different from school to school.</p>

<p>How things have changed...</p>

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<p>The definition of "CCer" is changing...</p>

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Can you see these and tell me which ones are good?


<p>Yes, I can see them...</p>

<p>^^ "GTFO of CC, OP. NOW."</p>

<p>Ironic. If I remember reading one of your threads correctly, you're a rising sophomore. </p>

<p>To answer the OP's question, all of them are good, minus Psych and HG. If you check a college's website, you'll be able to find a list of the AP credits that are accepted. Most of the schools I've researched don't take Psych or
HG AP credit, even if it's a 5. Still, specific school requirements all vary. Check college websites for the APs that are accepted.</p>

<p>^I don't think the advice will be of much help...</p>

<p>AP Calculus is worth 2 classes in college! Score!</p>