Why The #### Should I Choose Oberlin?

<p>Those Obies have done it again.
Marketing</a> experts praise unusual website about Oberlin | Inside Higher Ed</p>

<p>The website - which features the f-word in its title and use profanity throughout - is intended to get the feel of Oberlin across to potential students . . . it's evidently hit a chord on campus and in the marketing world.</p>

<p>Sample answers to that question:</p>

<p>"Because even our track coach is a f**ing amazing pedagogue."</p>

<p>"Because you can actually use your academic and intellectual knowledge to f***** pick up people for dates."</p>

<p>"Because years after graduation I can still email my professors with questions and they f***** respond quickly and with g<strong>d</strong>* book suggestions."</p>

<p>And even if you don't like seeing the f-word Oberlin is still a great place.</p>

<p>Yeah, I saw that web site and I think it answers a question that most applicants ask but rarely get answered on terms that they can relate to. Nobody cares how many volumes are in the library…and ALL the liberal arts schools boast of things that they mostly have in common. This hits on the distinguishing features that students notice…and it speaks to outsiders (applicants mainly) as though they’re already insiders.</p>

<p>I can’t speak to how shrilly all those f-bombs resonate because I’m in a country where they pipe in Lily Allen’s “F*** you” as background music at McDonald’s and it was while driving to Oberlin that I learned that Americans believe that Enrique Iglesias’ song is entitled “Tonight (I’ll Be LOVING You)” so I’m pretty much numb to it.</p>

<p>My favorite is one that says on Halloween you can’t tell if people are dressing up in a, um, costume or if that’s the way they dress all the, um, time. (Or something like that.)</p>

<p>Love it!
-Mother of a freshman</p>