"Why Tufts" Essay

<p>Hello! I was wondering what exactly to put for the Short Answer "why Tufts" essay for ED applicants. There is just so much you can say about a school without sounding too generic. What I mean is, most schools are strong academically, all have relatively "good" environments, good professors, pretty campuses, etc... What can I say in this to make me stand out as an applicant who really wants to go to Tufts? I'm not trying to tailor this to just appeal to the admissions people, but I really am just stumped. Any help is much appreciated!</p>

<p>Hmmm - Well why do you want to go to Tufts? Have you visited? What is
it about Tufts other than what you have already listed that makes you think
it is a "fit" for you. Comparing Tufts to other schools on your list, what is
different about Tufts? Hope this helps. Good luck!</p>

<p>I would say that this is the most important essay of all. My son spoke about his visits to Tufts, what he learned and loved about Tufts profs and students, the chem department, the music dept, the clubs, the study abroad programs, and was very very specific about how he saw himself fitting into and contributing to the Tufts community. </p>

<p>Speak from your heart... really, WHY TUFTS? in other words...what Cali said! :)</p>

<p>hey, i had so many questions ab0ut the same thing. i just gave two really quirky reasons that I want to go to Tufts. One piece of advice I gleaned from sitting through 3 info sessions at Tufts (I had to make sure its really where I want to go!) is that the admissions officers want to know that its Tufts without you even saying their name. Not that you shouldn't mention the school's name in it, just that they should be able to take out the school name and still know its them. Good luck! :)</p>