Why Vandy essay

<p>Does anyone know how long the "Why Vanderbilt" essay should be?</p>

<p>well, mine was 2 and a half pages, but that was extreme...I only wrote that much because I had just visited the campus that very morning and so I basically described all that I liked about Vandy. As far as length goes, like any essay, it's not the length but the material that matters. Make your essay different, unique. Do not cut and paste another essay for some other school in that space because they told the people who went for the information session that they can tell if an essay is just cut and pasted. What matters, again, is the material and what makes Vandy stand out to you. I know these essay questions are cliche and almost every colleges asks them, but try to answer each one differently and make them as particular to that school as you possibly can. This essay is your last chance to say WHY you want to go to Vandy, so just write and see where it takes you. again, length doesn't matter as much as content.</p>

<p>busygirl: keep up the great work!!</p>

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<p>how long is everyone elses?</p>

<p>My "Why Vandy" essay was actually my longest at 686 words. I felt it needed to be, though so I could properly express reasons for wanting to attend but also how I "fit" into Vanderbilt and the things I love about it. My "Academic Interest Statement" was my favorite and was 529 words, and my "Personal Essay" was 541 words. I tried to keep them all around 500 words, even though there was not a limit. I didn't want to bore the adcoms with really long essays.. I mean, they read thousands. Mine were originally shorter but after editing and stuff they actually grew in size. There's no magic number of words though.. just make them tell a lot about who you are and you'll be golden. If you need any help editing or with anything, fell free to pm me. I don't pretend to be an expert on anything, but I never mind helping. Best of luck!</p>