Why Vassar

<p>so I was wondering how long is my why vassar essay supposed to be?
someone here willing to read it for me!?</p>

<p>Mine was about as long as my common app essay (500 words). I'd be happy to read it! I just got accepted EDI!! Also, are you submitting a "yourspace" component?</p>

I am applying ED2, I did a video for the "yourspace" supplement, what did you do?
Thank you for reading my essay, I am sending it to you by PM</p>

<p>500 characters (as the Common App states) or 500 words? My son is trying to stuff all of his love for Vassar in 500 characters. Please advise. Thanks.</p>

<p>I don't think there's a word limit on this essay, mine is 900 words :(</p>

<p>I would not recommend writing more than 600 words, as a VC student who was spoken with admissions officers from both Vassar and other highly selectives. They say they really don't want to read long essays. Brevity is wit.</p>

<p>And it's 500 words, not characters! That's far too short!</p>

<p>Gotta say Tunisian's 900 word essay is incredible and you want it to keep going on longer! But it's easy to shave off superfluous words here and there to get your word count down so try it! But don't lose the meaning</p>

<p>The space provided allowed for only 500 CHARACTERS; I'm assuming that this is the recommended amount. I uploaded a document with about 700 characters (120 words). But then again vassahh did write a 500 word one and get accepted, so I guess they don't really have much regard for their suggested limit.</p>