Why would, or wouldn't, you encourage someone to take AP english literature*

<p>I'm a senior in high school, and I will be taking AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, College Physics, French IV, Spanish IV, and AP English Literaure. I have been wondering about whether I should take AP English literature or not since reading really isn't my best subject. How was you AP Eng lit experience? How did you do on the final exam, and how did you prepare for it?</p>

<p>Another reason WHY I'm not so sure about taking such class is because I might end up withdrawing from extracurriculars and other school activities.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>My AP lit experience was pretty cool. From summer all through the year, we never stopped reading, just kept cranking through the books, from Shakespeare through postmodern lit. As soon as we finished one, we'd pick up another. We wrote a lot (mainly in class, though, to keep our essay times down). We only really did AP prep a few times during the year with practice AP multiple-choice, but I ended up getting a 5 on the exam. I was taking 6 other AP courses that year, too.</p>

<p>Hope that helps! Good luck</p>

<p>Is it much more difficult than the regular English course you would otherwise take?</p>

<p>At many universities, a sufficiently high score on the AP English Literature test gives you one or two semesters of subject credit against English writing requirements.</p>

<p>Is it even possible to self-study for the exam? I mean, could I buy a prep book (like Barron's or Cliffnotes) and get a good score on May? How did you guys prepared for the exam? I think I wouln't mind taking the class. What worries me the most is the outcome of my test score.</p>

<p>At my school the AP English teachers really whip writing into your brain. Depending on your teacher I would definitely take it because the writing skills will prepare you well for college.</p>



<p>If you will be a senior, don't worry about your score on the AP test. Any AP scores between high school senior and university freshman won't affect admissions (although doing poorly in classes may cause admission offers to be rescinded).</p>

<p>If you are fine taking the class, take it. Might as well take the AP test unless you matriculate to a university that does not accept it for any useful credit. If you do go to a university where it gives useful credit if you score high enough, you might as well take it.</p>

<p>@ucbalumnus That's reasonable. </p>

<p>Another thing I'm worried about is not having enough time for sports and extracurricular activities. Is it even possible to take three, or more, AP classes and still have a "social life?"</p>

<p>Calculus AB and Chemistry are usually equivalent to only a semester of actual university courses in the subjects, so they should not be considered especially difficult. Is "college physics" an actual college course? I guess you like and are good at French and Spanish.</p>

<p>Well, physics, I think, is just an intro because they also call it "physics I." I don't see how I could have a problem with that class since I will be taking AP Calculus. Last year, for example, I had a senior classmate who told me that "precalculus" is harder than "physics" at our school -and I thought precalc was super easy.</p>

<p>And yes, I am especially good at Spanish since I'm a native speaker -I don't know if you noticed... I hope not. In addiion to that, I also started learning French four years ago. So I don't think how both foreign language classes could be a problem.</p>

<p>take it! AP Eng Lit is a great class. However, there is a pretty large time commitment due to all the reading. At the same time, I would discourage self study because you have to make sure to do a bunch of reading (helps out a ton for the essays, especially the question 3s). Also, a teacher would probably have more access to materials that would be useful for preparation. Finally, having a teacher grade practice essays is probably much more reliable than using a key from a practice AP book.</p>

<p>Based on what you said, your schedule does not look like it should be that difficult for you. Take the AP English Literature course and AP test.</p>

<p>I will take it. Just a question: How did you guys do the AP Lit exam? How did you prepare for it?</p>

<p>Also, how well in advance did you prepare for the exam? Thank you.</p>