Why Yale essay question

<p>Would it be safe to joke a little about new haven in the essay so long as I show that I love the college? I had an idea that makes me giggle</p>

<p>The way I wrote it was very specific and unique, but not humorous by any means. I think you can do funny as long as you actually mention a specific thing that attracts you to Yale and not go overboard with the humour. After all, the whole point of the Why Yale isn't necessary to show your personality (you can do that in the short takes; in fact, humour works best in the short takes section), but actually WHY you fit in and how much thought you've actually put into applying to Yale. (and not just one of the HYPS)</p>

<p>Totally follow your gut. If you think it's a good idea, go with it. Your lucky to have a unique idea. They do not want boring.</p>