Why Yale Essay

This is my “Why Yale”… Do you think they won’t let me in because I acknowledge their flaws in my essay?

You should remove this post if you can (or ask mods to do it). Admissions offices use programs to check for plagiarism, comparing text to what’s on the internet. I don’t think it’s a good idea for this essay to be here. Just my opinion.

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Already removed.

If you don’t get in, it won’t be because you listed some of Yale’s many many flaws. And one can change “Yale” in the preceding sentence to the name of any other university and it would remain accurate.

Thank you so much!!!

I didn’t read the essay, but mentioning Yale’s flaws is not a strategy I would have taken. You can barely do that with a best friend.

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However, given that a “why” essay is supposed to be an opportunity to explain why the school is a good fit (and vice-versa) - how would it help to point out flaws?


The overall quality of the essay is what’s important. Whether the OP’s essay is of sufficient quality for Yale is a different question.

I read your essay before it was taken down. For a short essay that has such a limited word count, I’d make sure that every sentence is about why you are a good fit for Yale. I’d focus on the last part of your essay about what you want to study and why Yale is the right place for that, and get rid of the rest.

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I understand but Yale holds SO many flaws, one of them simply being the name “Yale” (a slave owner). For Yale admissions counselors to not see ANY issue with the school, they are wearing rose colored glasses.

sounds like it is not a fit for you.


Ok, sure. But then such an essay begs the question “why do you want to go there?”

If I were the AO that’s what would come to my mind.

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I discussed how I am a New Haven Public Schools student and how I would use the plethora of resources at Yale to give back to NHPS and bridge the gap between my high school and Yale.

Nothing wrong with that. But that’s different from pointing out a bunch of their flaws as you stated in your prior posts.

Anyway, no need to worry right now. You’ll know their decision in less than 24 hours. Best wishes!

Will you be attending Yale?