Why Yeshiva University?

<p>To celebrate the creation of the CC Yeshiva University Forum, I would like to put this question out there for current students, prospective students, and alumni of the college. Why Yeshiva University? What attracts you to the college? List three things.</p>

<p>I'll start..
(1) The Jewish environment - how you don't miss a month of classes in the<br>
(2) How the college is fairly small but yet has the resources of a large
(3) The location - New York City!</p>

<p>if you want to be religiously isolated.</p>

<p>I am not Jewish, but Yeshiva has a great reputation for it's academics.</p>

<p>I spent a year in Israel studying talmud with no tests and get a years worth of credit from YU, 32 Credits! so basically i am going to graduate in three years.</p>