Why you love Drexel

My son was admitted to Drexel as an animation major and received $40,000 in scholarship per year which makes Drexel about the same as Penn State. While we are waiting for decisions from some other animation programs (Syracuse, RIT), I am curious to know why students love Drexel. We visited and while the Westpahl building was really nice and the Co-op program is amazing, the rest of the University was underwhelming. Mostly I am interested in the social component: activities, dorms, social life, etc…

Phili is a great city, somewhat underrated considering all it offers. And what it does not have, students can borrow from Manhattan.

We are from the area and we enjoy Philly. I was looking for more college based activities.

gotcha… i only know the school and city. You need to find a student or his parents.

Did you find out anything yet?

Nope :disappointed: