Why you love Drexel

My son was admitted to Drexel as an animation major and received $40,000 in scholarship per year which makes Drexel about the same as Penn State. While we are waiting for decisions from some other animation programs (Syracuse, RIT), I am curious to know why students love Drexel. We visited and while the Westpahl building was really nice and the Co-op program is amazing, the rest of the University was underwhelming. Mostly I am interested in the social component: activities, dorms, social life, etc…

Phili is a great city, somewhat underrated considering all it offers. And what it does not have, students can borrow from Manhattan.

We are from the area and we enjoy Philly. I was looking for more college based activities.

gotcha… i only know the school and city. You need to find a student or his parents.

Did you find out anything yet?

Nope :disappointed:

I attended Drexel as an older student (finished my undergrad at 25 years old) and I was definitely happy with the social life because there were a lot of great bars/restaurants to go to once I was 21. And if your kid does the 5 year program it is very likely they’ll turn 21 at Drexel and Philly is a fun city to become an adult in.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on dorms and whatnot, but dorms are pretty fun no matter the school.

There is a greek life but I heard it’s pretty mediocre


What kind of experience do you want? Penn State is a self contained campus (at each site) and located nowhere in a city. It’s more of a typical college with football games etc. Drexel is also self contained, but doesn’t have a huge sports following with a football team. It has an amazing city a subway away, the Schuylkill River is right there to watch rowing. Boat house row is super close to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There’s other amazing museums and architecture in Philly as well.

You just need to figure out what kind of college experience you want. Penn State and Drexel are very different campuses. Is your son in the fence or are you on the fence? I would go back to the major and research which is the best program, internship and co-op opportunities and employment after graduation to help. Good Luck!