Why you might not want to go to RMWC

<p>~ The administration is not as nice as they want you to think. They lie a lot and often.</p>

<p>~ The Maier is selling it's paintings.</p>

<p>~ They seem to want to sell the Reading Program</p>

<p>~ The stables are at stakes.</p>

<p>~ The traditions are going to soon go down the tube</p>

<p>~ No one will know what college it is that you attend to because of the name change</p>

<p>~ There is increasing animosity in the campus due to it being so divided.</p>

<p>~ It just sucks.</p>

<p>To be making such comments, are you a current student attending Randolph-Macon Woman's College?</p>

<p>Yeah, are you?</p>

<p>I don't doubt that it's the truth. RMWC was a top safety choice for me. It was my third choice.</p>

<p>Now, I'm not even sure I'm going to apply. The only thing that's holding me is the free application.</p>

<p>No, I am not. My mom is an R-MWC alum, though, and I almost ended up attending R-MWC. I'm a first-year at Hollins, but I really sympathize with you all. I loved the feel of R-MWC -- the atmosphere created by the students, the profs, etc. Honestly, I felt more "at home" at R-MWC than at any other college (including Hollins). I truly hope that what I felt there is not lost in all of this. My best wishes, prayers and support are with you.</p>

<p>I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I graduated from Macon in 1980 and had a wonderful time there. I remember how excited you were to be accepted there so the current changes there must be very distressing. As an alum, I hope you decide to stay at Macon. If you are looking to transfer and want an education that only a woman's college can provide, please consider Hollins University in Roanoke. I am VERY impressed with all that the school does to provide an outstanding education for the young women who attend there--very involved profs, internships, oustanding facilities, exciting course offerings--the list goes on and on. I'm on Parents Council and I've been impressed. Best of luck!</p>

<p>I am leaving. It's so disrespectful, and crass, and just aweful so far the way they've treated the students and alumna...they dont care about us. They really dont. Just thinking about the subject lately has made me want to cry. I wanted this to be my home, it's a lovely school, but I want traditions and men and RMWC traditions just dont mix. Guys doing Daisy chains? Having a "sister" class? Doing Pumpkin parade? I can already see them going up the wrong stairs or trying to prove how awesome they are by walking all over Mary's Garden. </p>

<p>Furthemore, I could have had an excellent education back home for 2,000 dollars, if I had wanted Coed. I wanted the benefits of a women's college and the school promised and then took away, they also dangled Reading in front of me and now they are most likely selling it...How not be angry when the things that attracted you to the school, what finally made you choose it, have been taken away? What's the point of staying? Good teachers? There are good teachers elsewhere.</p>

<p>What they will probably do to the Maier also makes me want to cry. Selling the treasures so many Alumna and others have donated to the museum to spend the money on men's sport and integrating men into the campus?! That's spitting in the face of the people who donated the art and money to the place. Not to mention that they will effectively destroy the Maier as it will lose it's credentials as you arent meant to sell art and use the money for something other than adquiring new art. If they sell the paintings, no one will want to deal with the Maier, they'll be black listed in the Art world.</p>

<p>RMWC is this "" close to becoming that loser school who changed art in favor of sports. Not exactly the description of a place to grow your intellect.</p>

<p>Randolph College. Not bad. Survival means sacrifices. It will workout.</p>

<p>You obviously dont know anything about the issue at hand.
The new name might not work out after all. Another college has it, apparently.
There has been a serious withdrawal of alumnae support this year, they used to be able to raise millions at the drop of a hat, right now? Struggling to make thousands. They have two lawsuits already against them and counting, and will have to deal with a massive shift of students who will be transfering this and next semester, and we only have had half the applications that we usually have by this time in the year.</p>

<p>What people who support this dont understand is that a) there is another way b) the way they have gone about it is insulting to both men and women.</p>

<p>What the BoT has been saying basically is that they want men to be jocks and attract girls. Now, I wont even touch the "hurr! we cant attract girls without guys". Think about the other aspect. As a guy, how comfortable are you with having what hangs between your legs being more valued than your brain?</p>

<p>I like both of them.;-)
Lawsuits are a dime a dozen and mean nothing. Anyone can file one for a hundred bucks. You insult the BOT of your own school as if they are some evil idiots. I don't think any all female school that went coed has closed yet so it will be fine. Lynchburg is becoming a more fun town than it was just 10 years ago and that will help too. It is becoming known as a college town.</p>