Why you should attend Baruch over most other schools including NYU!

<p>I was just in Manhattan and decided to tour Baruch College. They are part of the City University of N.Y. Altthough they focus on business related subjects, they also have a plethora of liberal arts majors from English to natural science, math etc. </p>

<p>When I was a student there 40 years ago, they only had one building. I didn’t expect much.To say that I was surprised by what I saw is an understatement.</p>

<p>First, they have a trading room that gives immediate daily feeds for stock quotes. It is so good and some firms use it for their own offices. It is a remarkable facilty for finance majors and those that want to study stock investing.</p>

<p>Their library was gorgeous and state of the art. It was one of the nicest facilities that I have seen, and I have seen many university libraries. It was full of computers for students to find almost anything. It also had a number of study rooms and study facilities.</p>

<p>Baruch also has a state of the art gym facility for workouts that make most gyms pale by comparison. Not to be outdone, all classrooms have been modernized with wireless connections, and state of the art lecturing facilities. </p>

<p>Being in Manhattan also has a big advantage. They are able to attract a number of top quality faculty that work in NY and have been partners or officers of large firms. Moreover, they have a HUGE alumni base thoughout the US that helps place their students. Moreover, many of their graduate programs are top ranked including accounting, quantitative finance, real estate, taxation and much more. They even have a strong enterpreneural program that places students with potential ideas with sponsors for funding. </p>

<p>In addition, they have hundreds of clubs and organizations. If you can’t find a club that interests you, you are aren’t looking.</p>

<p>However, the really remarkable thing about Baruch is the tuition. They charge, and I hope you are sitting down while reading this, $5,100 per Year for New York residents! This isn’t $5,100 per semester but is $5,100 per year. Read this again. This unbelievable tuition applies to any New York Resident. Moreover, even if you are out of state, you still get an unbeatable deal of only about $13,000 per year! If this doesn’t beef up your wallet enough over anywhere else, they have an honors program that offers FREE tuition, plus a computer , plus expenses for study abroad. Move over NYU and even Penn. This is one amazing deal. In fact, I can’t understand why anyone would attend NYU Stern when these same kids could probably get into Baruch’s honors program and pay nothing for tuition! The savings in fees and tuition alone could be enough for a downpayment on a house in NY!</p>

<p>They also have a performing arts center that they rent out to performing companies and allow students to attend for a faction of the price charged to the public. Many Baruch students also perform in plays sponsorted by the performing arts society of Baruch.</p>

<p>They also have a huge number of firms that recruit there too that would make even NYU blush. This maybe the best deal for the money anywhere in the country.</p>

<p>There is,however, one drawback. Baruch will not provide the stereotypical college experience. There is no campus per se, although Manhattan can be considered your campus. There are few dorms. Most students commute by getting appartments in either Manhattan or in other parts of New York City. This isn’t a bad commute since most people can take a train ride that leave student within a block or two from Baruch. However, living in New York isn’t cheap. A one bedroom appartment can easily run $1,100- $1600 or more per month. Many students live in Brooklyn which can be significantly cheaper and only result in about a 20 minute commute.</p>

<p>Admission: Surprisingly, it isn’t that difficult to get into Baruch. You can get in with about 3.2+ GPA and about 1170-1200 or so on the SAT ( Math and CR). The honors college is much tougher requiring at least 100-150 more points on the SAT. Let’s face it: getting free tuition should require higher admission standards.</p>

<p>Bottom line: Forget NYU, Notre Dame, USC, Miami and many other expensive schools. Really consider Baruch in lieu of incurring thousands of dollars of debt attending an expensive school.</p>

<p>Well Taxguy, I just saw this thread and I have to ask: Aside from being a proud alum, are you also a dean at Baruch or an employee of a marketing firm working for Baruch?</p>

<p>First, I acknowledge one can get a good education at Baruch, especially in business…but to say it is better to attend than such schools as NYU, Notre Dame, etc? Just because it’s cheaper? Are you for real??? quite the fantasy. Let’s look outside your little fish bowl:</p>

<p>1-Nice new things does not a nice campus make: Barauch is a few buildings lost in midtwon Manhattan and cannot compare to the campus and facilities of the the schools you mention…it cannot compare to some schools in NYC with far more resources and campus offernings. ALL business schools offer a trading room, good facilities, classreoom etc.</p>

<p>2-While it is a very good small LOCAL college (ranked #26 in the North Regional group of US News and World Report), it can’t compare to the big boys you think are equal; to start, these are National Research schools with outstanding schools of business. NYU is #32, Notre Dame is #17, USC #29.</p>

<p>3-A nice new library is…nice, but it does not compare to the nice libraries (plural) found at the schools you mention.</p>

<p>4-Cost: there you got me Taxguy…as a NYC supported school in the CUNY system, tuition at Baruch is very cheap, but by your argument cheaper is better, so why spend so much on those other expensive, internationally known private schools? That’s your point? Well then I guess why buy a nice house when a little 1-bedroom apt will do?, or why buy an Audi, Caddilac or Lincoln when a little Kia will get you there, Get a nice suit from Wal-mart and save your money! Great point Taxguy!</p>

<p>Baruch is a good school: compare it to schools like Pace, Hofstra, Queens, Hunter, Manhattan College etc. and you have a case, but to compare it to some giants is silly. </p>

<p>Always remember, there are a lot of big time alums in big positions from these other schools and Barauch just does not have the same reputation…</p>

<p>also remember; most times, you get what you pay for.</p>

<p>Why don’t we just make a simple pros and cons list?</p>


  • VERY CHEAP college education
  • good job placement
  • low reputation compared to schools like NYU
  • low admissions rate/low student standards
  • NO CAMPUS (although they do have a dorm now)
  • low amount of resources compared to schools like NYU</p>

<p>I could see how Baruch and NYU are great comparisons due to their major differences but I wouldn’t go as far as to state that Baruch is definitely more worth it than NYU. It really depends on your situation. In terms of business schools in NY, here’s the list.</p>

<p>Top Tier: NYU Stern, Columbia (these are reaches for almost everyone)
Second Tier: NYU CAS, Fordham
Third Tier: Baruch, SUNY Bing, Hofstra, Hunter, Pace
Fourth Tier: Others</p>

<p>So I can see Baruch beating out all the other schools in their tier due to the lower cost but anything else is definitely debatable.</p>

<p>Donald, if you talk to corporate recruiters and accounting firm partners, Baruch does NOT have a low reputation. When you say low resources compared to NYU, what are you referring to? Baruch has a fabulous library and great gym facilities. All classrooms are wired for computers and internet. Thus, I am not sure what you are referring to.</p>

<p>RamRay, cost is a HUGE deal especially if the student has to go into debt. There is NO WAY that anyone should have over 100K in debt for undergrad studies! Again, we are talking about undergrad studies. I guess if you come from very wealthy parents where the high tuition at NYU is irrelevant then getting very cheap tuition or even FREE tuition isn’t important. However, even then I hate to see families spend 200K more than than need to spend. </p>

<p>As for NYU, they simply have more buildings. They aren’t what I call a campus school such as Ohio State or Maryland etc, although I do admit that I love Greenwich Village. As to libraries, we are talking about undergrad studies! A nice , well equipment library is all that an undergrad needs. They don’t need multiple libraries!
As for alums with big time positions, you would be very surprised how many are from Baruch. It has a HUGELY successful and numerous alumni base. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the total number of alumni who made partners in firms and top corporate executives were more numerous from a Baruch background than from NYU. You are probably pretty young. I don’t think you understand or appreciate how many successful Baruch alumni exist.</p>

<p>Remember, I have no ax to grind. I don’t work for Baruch or have an interest one way or the other. I also don’t work for any firm, marketing or otherwise, that has an interest in promoting Baruch. I do, however, have a vested belief that students should not graduate with LOTS of undergrad debt for almost any reason!</p>

<p>Sadly, many people here on CC feel that rankings are the “be all and end all” no matter what the cost. First, I don’t agree with the rankings for many reasons,but even if accurate, I don’t think that people should incur huge undergrad debt. I have RARELY met anyone who has paid off large amounts of undergrad debt and didn’t regret it. I can’t tell you how many people I have personally met who have attended big name schools yet regretted their decision later on in life due to the debt that they incurred. Yes, COST is a HUGE DEAL and should not be undervalued.</p>

<p>By the way, my mom and several cousins attended NYU. If anything, I am biased in favor of them over that of many other schools. However, for undergrad business studies, I can’t justify the cost differential.</p>

<p>Baruch does have a fairly decent reputation, however, as part of the CUNY system, their reputation is by default lower than that of private universities and even SUNYs. This is excluding Macaulay Honors College whose reputation is better because they are the top of the CUNY system. As for the resources, it is pretty clear that as a public school, Baruch does not have nearly as much high-tech and facilities when compared to NYU. Yes, what they have is clearly sufficient, but comparably still less.</p>

<p>I agree with you on the part that cost is a very important factor in undergrad studies and that is why so many ppl turn down Ivy Leagues and other top tier schools to go for full rides. However, I do not believe that Baruch has a better alumni network than NYU does. That is just an invalid argument. Even if the two schools had the same alumni success, NYU would still have a stronger alumni network because they have a greater amount of students. I am a senior in HS and I have been researching top business schools like NYU as well as cheap business schools like Baruch. Additionally, I know ppl that graduated from both of the respective schools and while the NYU graduate does have a lot more loans to pay, all of them land better and higher paid jobs after graduation (but not by a considerable amount but the point is made). Note: This is for ppl with undergraduate degrees at both respective schools and no grad degree.</p>

<p>Donald, notice I said that Baruch 's alumni network rivals that of NYU in business! I am not counting science, english, engineering, math majors, law , medicine etc. Baruch started as the business school of City College. It always has had a very strong reputation for business related subjects.</p>

<p>donald-you said average NYU grads make a bit higher salary. I’m not going to argue that but honestly, in a few years, assuming performance is the same, the salaries should be pretty much the same. So now, the NYU kid has more loans to pay off while the Baruch kid probably don’t have any debt. </p>

<p>I don’t think reputation is lower than private schools or SUNYs. The BBs and Big 4s come to Baruch pretty often (pretty sure way more often than a SUNY) so there are many chances for you to network.</p>

<p>Hey taxguy, what are the sat and gpa rates now? For macaulay ad regular admission, as well as baruch honors…? Please answer ASAP, I’m very interested in going to baruch, and have a 3.9 gpa, 1380/1600 on math and reading…if you want to know other stuff please answer ASAP. I’m very interested into going into baruch, for it’s prestige, and especially its cost.</p>

<p>Phichen7, I don’t even have a clue. Just do a search on google. I did hear via rumor that if you want to get into Macaulay, you would need the SATS around what you have.</p>

<p>Do you think I have a good chance?..or is it just too competitive? I know I can get in regular admissions, but I know I’m capable of its honors program…and I deserve it (personal, hard to explain)</p>

<p>Phichen7, YES, I think you have a good chance.</p>

<p>You really think so? I don’t have extracurriculars…well it’s wry very complicated…I’m adopeted, father passed, grandpa too, grandma living alone,mom mental illness…and the people in my current household are you could say not right and supporting so I culdnt get rides back home etc…a lot of things…would they understand and would I even qualify as a unique person? Thanks taxguy, your helping me a lot rn</p>

<p><a href=“http://www.cuny.edu/admissions/undergraduate/downloads/Admission-Profile-2012.pdf[/url]”>http://www.cuny.edu/admissions/undergraduate/downloads/Admission-Profile-2012.pdf&lt;/a&gt;
<a href=“http://www.cuny.edu/admissions/undergraduate/downloads/freshman-transfer-adm-profile-2011.pdf[/url]”>http://www.cuny.edu/admissions/undergraduate/downloads/freshman-transfer-adm-profile-2011.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Baruch is a great place for business, and is only getting better. Way to go taxguy</p>

<p>For the fall 2011 freshman class at Fordham , the mean score of the freshman class in the Math portion of the SAT was 625, for the fall 2012 freshman class at Baruch the mean SAT score in the Math portion was 640. It is just another way of saying that that Baruch freshman on the average are more proficient in Math than Fordham freshman. Ramray, you must be an alumni of Fordham. In fact there are more Baruch freshman for fall 2012 who scored above 700 in the Math portion of the SAT who are graduates of NYC high schools compared to Columbia.</p>

<p>Hello there, Is it easy to locate a job upon graduation? I am an international student. I plan to transfer to Baruch next fall. </p>

<p>I would also like to lecture math after graduation. Is it possible to obtain a job in the math faculty? My intended major is Acturial Science. Could somebody pls tell me more about the acturial science program at Baruch?</p>


That seems exceedingly unlikely. In fact it is absurd. First of all I don’t know what graduating from NYC high schools has to do with anything. Why only isolate those students? I mean, of course there are more NYC students at Baruch, since it is a public city school, while Columbia is highly diverse in where the students come from. But so what? Who cares where they are from?</p>

<p>What is important is the composition of the entire class that is attending classes with you. Latest data I could find shows Baruch at 23% of freshmen having math score of over 700 [Baruch</a> College (City University of New York) Admissions Information - CollegeData College Profile](<a href=“http://www.collegedata.com/cs/data/college/college_pg02_tmpl.jhtml?schoolId=1149]Baruch”>http://www.collegedata.com/cs/data/college/college_pg02_tmpl.jhtml?schoolId=1149) and for Columbia it is 81%. <a href=“http://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/class_of_2016_profile.pdf[/url]”>http://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/class_of_2016_profile.pdf&lt;/a&gt; </p>

<p>If you are going to make statements like that you need to cite your sources.</p>

<p>I just got rejected from NYU and was thinking about baruch as my second choice. I just got in hopefully though the Macaulay honors program (find out march 15th) and was wondering how the Social life is. I am either going to dorm or get an apartment.</p>

<p>So my question is how hard is it to meet people? Are there at parties? How is the dating life? (I’m the type of guy that prefers serious and long relationships over random hookups)</p>

<p>Meeting people is up to you. If you are a shy wallflower and don’t participate in clubs, it will be harder. If you introduce yourself to people you meet, join organizations, be friendly, you will have no problem. I attended Baruch many years ago when it was just one building and had a much smaller enrollment. I never had any social life issues!</p>

<p>taxguy, </p>

<p>Would you recommend Baruch College for out–of–state students? I’m thinking of going part-time, for their accounting/taxation masters program, and working. Once I qualify for in-state tuition, I would increase the course load and finish the degree asap. </p>

<p>I was accepted into a number of other highly ranked programs, including USC and Bentley, with scholarships; but, even with scholarships, I would have to borrow a significant amount to attend these programs. Also, I would like to work in NYC, and it seems like most firms recruit locally. </p>

<p>Bos2014, first I would check out each school’s culture. Can you thrive in LA, NYC, attending a small school etc? Assuming you can do well in any environment, I would then compare costs of tuition, fees, room and board net of scholarships. Whichever is cheapest would be the one I would go to.</p>