<p>Why did you pick USC over your other choices? Especially if they were Southern California-based also (ex. UCLA, LMU, etc...)</p>


<p>chelsea510: Last year my D chose USC over Berkeley, UCLA and other UCs for some of the following reasons:</p>

<p>The terrific Honors program (Thematic Option, TO). Highly interesting courses though super rigorous and reading/writing heavy, the best profs, small classes (presently only 13 in her writing class, and includes weekly one on one tutorial sessions with PHD English candidate), sense of camaderie among the students and instructors.
Within TO, organized cultural field trips and activities, plays, museums, etc.
Freshman Science Honors program if one is sciences oriented.
General classes: so far in freshman year, terrific classes some of which are again smallish (around 30 to 60 students are the largest my D has had so far).
Easy accessibilty to profs, with office visits or by email.
Research opportunities as early as freshman year. My D started a few weeks into first semester and will be named as a participant on a paper to be published next year.
USC encourages multi disciplinary studies so double majoring, minoring is easy, as is changing fields or majors without hassles.
Less bureaucracy than the UCs.
Higher probability to get into classes you want/need. Less waitlisting. Even with double majors, one can graduate in 4 years where there may be more difficulty to do so in some UCs.
Less competitiveness, particularly in the science oriented fields or pre med, hence my D has found students to be very collaborative.
Great networking during studies and after graduation, for internships and employment.
Opportunities for study abroad with a good selection of participating universities in Europe and elsewhere.
Very diverse student body, with I believe the highest percentage of internationals of any US university.
Wonderful school spirit.
Great financial aid, and administration is very helpful and accessible.</p>

<p>My D is very happy with her choice, has made great friends, and is thriving and challenged academically.</p>

<p>Looks like sequoia just nailed it. haha. nice going. completely agree.</p>

<p>....why NOT?</p>


<p>I second anotherasian1234</p>

<p>also can anyone take TO?</p>

<p>beeish: All scholarship interviewees are invited to apply for TO, but it is not mandatory. If you were not invited for a scholarship interview, you can apply. There is a particular application form you need to fill out. I believe you need to have a minimum SAT score and GPA, but I'm not sure how rigid that is.</p>

<p>Thematic</a> Option</p>

<p>One factor in my son's decision last year to choose USC over UCLA, Berkeley, etc. was the state budget, which was already bad and now is worse. Also, he just really liked USC after visiting, mostly because they offered the best sounding academic opportunities for an undeclared undergraduate with diverse interests. Due to scholarships from USC it is actually cheaper to attend than UC Berkeley, but that was not a major factor at the time of his decision.</p>

<p>thank you guys!
anyone else?</p>

<p>This is a list of reasons, not necessarily in descending order, that I think my kid is so happy at USC.</p>

<p>1.) the film school with all of its extraordinary resources and opportunities for theoretical and hands-on learning
2.) Thematic Option: small, stimulating classes; excellent professors; great class discussions
3.) vibrant on-campus arts community -- filmmakers, musicians, actors, writers, artists with lots of interaction across fields
4.) merit-based scholarships
5.) keeps meeting very interesting, engaged fellow-students
6.) great social life and school spirit (not necessarily rah-rah, but esprit de corps)
7.) more interesting on-campus programs and events than he has time to attend
8.) LA -- music, film-making (and watching) mecca, drama and arts scene, ethnic diversity, urban</p>