<p>i feel so inferior to some of you on here.</p>

<p>is a 1780 (620-M, 550-CR, 610-W) not good enough for most places? </p>

<p>i know at my school its above most people. ive only taken the SAT once and that was back in January and i plan on taking it again in October since i will be out of town in June.</p>

<p>i also scored a 29 composite on the Mock ACT i took in February at my high school. any thoughts?</p>

<p>Your grade on your mock ACT is much better than your SAT's, which are still above average. If you can manage to get around a 28 or higher on the real ACT, then I think you'll be in good shape (unless you're going for Ivy league, then you need to shoot for around 33 or higher).</p>