WiFi at RU

<p>How much WiFi coverage is there at RU?</p>

<p>I was thinking about getting a good data package for my phone, but if there's enough WiFi, I could just use my iTouch.</p>

<p>Check out this link for areas with RU wireless coverage: RUWireless</a> and RUWired - Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus</p>

<p>Generally, you can access wifi at all of the campus centers, dorms, and classroom buildings.</p>

<p>You would only use data plan walking between classes and on the bus. A pretty small plan should be sufficient</p>

<p>the whole campus is wifi i can use my itouch walkin between scott hall and Hardenburg hall the whole place is a wifi zone</p>

<p>Yeah, at the orientation WiFi was ALL over... except the dorms... ironic.</p>

<p>There's wifi in the dorm lounges. My room was too far from the lounge, unfortunately....so I always had to have my ethernet plugged in.</p>