Wigglesworth, good or bad?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Could any current students tell me their impression of Wigglesworth (hopefully someone who's actually lived there)? I'm in Wigglesworth E this year... and from what I read, it's a "midwiggle"</p>

<p>Any input would be appreciated :)</p>

<p>i stayed at wig F for the summer school.</p>

<p>migwig is in an awesome spot, overlooking mass. ave. you can see the night life form your living room window, so it's really nice, lol.</p>

<p>rooms are perfect, small and cozy, and the suites are like apartments. wig E is like right next to the back entrance for widener, and very close to Lamont library too.</p>

<p>the only shortcoming for the Wigs is its slightly far distance from annenberg and science center....but i loved Wig F...you'll be okay. :)</p>


<p>Awesome, thanks for the info!</p>

<p>Wiggs is close to the river houses which I hear have better food than Annenberg anyway =P. So I can look at it as a positive... but I will have most of my classes at the science center... oh well, a walk through Harvard/Crimson Yard isn't a chore by any means. haha.</p>

<p>Bump on this one, DwightEisenhower and I are both in Wiggs too.</p>

<p>Wigg is one of, if not the best freshman dorms (taking all into consideration). I lived in Wigg last year.</p>

<p>1.) You'll get to live in a suite (you may even get a single, as some rooms in Wigg allow for this, such as the ones on the 3rd/top floor)
2.) You'll have easy access to the square.
3.) You'll have easy access to lamont.
4.) You may even be near to many of your classes. I had classes in Harvard Hall and Sever, both of which are super close to Wigg. Even better, you may have a class in Boylston. </p>

<p>You won the freshman housing lottery.</p>

<p>And you get to feel the earth shake as the T travels underneath Wigglesworth.</p>

<p>do all wigglesworth suites have three bedrooms or do some of them only have two? I'm trying to determine if i'm living in a single or a double. Thanks</p>

<p>@lei123 - There are a variety of setups. My freshman room (Wigg B32) had four guys and three bedrooms. The room across the hall from us had five girls and four bedrooms. I would expect "N" rooms for "N" roommates, but "N+1" and "N-1" could both be possible.</p>

<p>Are you on the third floor? One thing to keep in mind in that case is that your ceiling will be slanted... makes picking out furniture a bit tricky.</p>

<p>(And last but not least, congratulations! Wigg is great. Sometime around December, when it's really cold and you're too lazy to walk to Annenberg, try to make friends with Lucy the Adams House ID checker.)</p>

<p>One of my friends was in the Wigg this past year and I stayed there a couple times. I really liked the rooms themselves as well as the location. The walk to Annenberg was pleasant and refreshing (and I stayed there in the worst months weather-wise). Plus it was really close to Qdoba (even though I only went to chipotle whilst in cambridge).</p>