Wiley Hall

<p>What's it like?</p>

<p>I got placed there after I didn't have enough money for Hillenbrand. Not a great deal of choice here, it was either Wiley or Meridith and I hadn't heard anything good about Meridith, so I opted for the former.</p>

<p>It's a lot like Owen hall, except it feels older for some reason and the rooms may be a tad smaller. Wiley has a good location though and it's a typical freshman dorm. It's also one of the halls that doesn't have something different in it (I guess Owen and Shreve don't either). Like some have dining halls or food marts or a restaurant, but Wiley is right next to Wiley Dining court and pretty close to Ford dining court, as well as Windsor dining court.
But people usually like where they're placed; like everyone I know who lived in Meredith last year, loved it. And Meredith is cool and a one of a kind dorm, the only downside is that the rooms are small.</p>

<p>Wiley is good. It's in a nice central location. It is right next to the Wiley Dining Court (as mentioned above) and it's a short walk to Windsor and Ford Dining courts, so it's easy to switch up your dining choices, which is something you'll want to do by spring. It's also right across the street from the "Co-rec"....but I think they may start renovating that soon, in which case I believe some of the exercise equipment will be placed in Wiley.</p>

<p>Also adding to the above comment, no matter which dorm you get assigned to, usually you end up liking it and "thinking it's the best". I lived in Tarkington (identical to Wiley) and we always had our doors open because of the lack of A/C. Everyone got into the habit of just leaving their doors open all year long, so I was surprised when I would go to Shreve and everyone seemed "shut in" to their rooms with their doors closed all the time. Keep your door open, meet new people on your floor, and you'll soon forget what dorms are "the best"</p>