Wilkes Honors College Decision

Background: I’m a strong high school student, looking to stay in-state, and I’m looking for 2 main things in a college: Strong Neuroscience Program + Opportunities for Research in the field, as well a strong chance of acceptance into med school, hopefully a good one (fingers crossed). I have a 1530 SAT, 4.14 GPA unweighted, and a 5.61 GPA weighted. I’ve also done a ton of extracurriculars like math competition, HOSA, history bowl, scientific research, etc.

Problem: I’m between the Wilkes Honors College @ FAU and the USF Honors Program w/ BSMD @ USF St. Petersburg.

From what my first impressions are, I’m fairly certain that the overall neuroscience program at Wilkes is better? Just from the presence of Max Planck, Scripps, and that new building they are constructing, but also just because of how so many people go there for psych/neuro. At the same time, however, USF BSMD seems to be an fairly-difficult, yet not nearly-impossible, entry into a T50 med school.

My main conundrum is how easy it is for people from Wilkes to get into strong med schools, ones that I hope I can continue doing research in while studying, and if those med schools can be potentially equal to or better than USF’s Monsani Med School of Medicine. Does anyone have any examples of people who’ve gone to better, great, or insanely good med schools, and what they’ve done and if I could be compared to them? Or if the gap in neuroscience capabilities between the two schools could justify a gap in their overall med school acceptances?

I appreciate all and any help, and if you’re willing to share any alumni from either program, if you know any, I’d appreciate it.