Will a C+ in an honors class hurt my admissions?

Last semster I got a C+ in Pre-Cal honors, the worst math grade I’ve gotten throughout my highschool years.

My total weighted GPA was about a 3.4 for that semster.

I’ve applied to most CSUs and I’m worried that the colleges are going to see this C+ and possibly denied/take away my admission.

Is this possible or is my anxiety just getting to me?

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It doesn’t help.

What should I do?

It was one of my best semesters in HS though, so I’m hoping that helps the colleges look past this C+.

Was the C+ junior or senior year. If you are a senior and have already applied to colleges, the C+ will not be considered for admissions (only 10-11th grades). If accepted to a CSU, a C+ will also not get you rescinded.

If the C+ occurred junior year, I’m under the impression most CSUs, don’t do a holistic review meaning they will simply take your overall GPA with little regard for when he grades occurred, and determine eligibility based on your overall 10-11 GPA (CP slo excepted).

Since your weighted GPA is a 3.4 anyway, you’re not going to be applying to schools that would disqualify you for a single C+. Don’t worry about it too much.

As long as you pass all your a-g courses Senior year with a C or higher, you will be fine.

I think that @HopefulAntelope and @Gumbymom are correct. You should be applying to schools for which one C+ is not going to disqualify you.

One thing to keep in mind: Calculus is VERY dependent upon pre-calculus. A C+ in precalculus implies that you could have a very hard time in Calculus. If you are likely to do anything in STEM, or anything where you will need calculus, then you might want to do some sort of precalc brush up course or tutoring before you take calculus.

^^^ OP wrote this in another thread

My advice to the OP is not that it is hopeless but that something needs to change in order to succeed in a technical major. As @DadTwoGirls wrote calculus depends on knowing the material in precalc. Precalc in turn is largely a review of the algebra and trig stuff you should have learned. So the chain isn’t working for you. If you want to change this start by talking to your teachers and ask for an honest assessment of your weak points and how they would suggest you can improve. Think about how you study, too; do you regularly spend time studying or do you dash off the homework the night before it is due? A great book to read about how to learn, no matter what your eventual major, is “Make it Stick” that has lots of advice for HS and college students.

which CSUs and what are your over-all stats?

I got a C in AP Chem junior year. I got accepted into UC Berkeley. One bad grade won’t matter as much as your ECs, other scores, and essays. Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

Cal states do not consider EC’s and essays. They also admit by major so if the Engineering majors are impacted at the CSU campuses that OP applied, it may be very difficult to change majors after being accepted.