Will a C in AP Physics B Kill Me for Vanderbilt?

<p>I'm a senior this year and have a C in AP Physics B, but I'm taking 5 other APs and have 3 As and 2 Bs (European History, U.S. History, Statistics, Human Geography, Literature) as well as taking Honors Debate IV which is an A. I will have graduated with 12 APs (1 sophomore year, 5 junior year). </p>

<p>I have a 33 ACT with a 10 essay and good ECs, so I've been told (multiple presidencies, multiple awards won, multiple medical internships).</p>

<p>I'm ranked 8/450 in my class...to put this in perspective, no one in the top 10 of my class has straight As this year (our valedictorian has 3 Bs, including AP Physics and our Salutatorian has 2 Bs), so we're one of the top ranked schools in NC. </p>

<p>My letters of recommendation are VERY good (I've read them) and my essay is solid (major shift that occurred in my life that got me on track).</p>

<p>My concern is that I won't get into Vanderbilt RD to their College of Arts and Sciences because of this one C.</p>

<p>It all depends....Since you have multiple EC's and awards in them, it shouldn't matter that much.</p>

<p>I really hope so...I just don't want them mistaking my C as senioritis when in reality virtually no one with 4+ APs senior year at my school has straight As.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>Bump? Anyone else? I'm kinda freakin out...</p>

<p>Don't worry, the C alone will have no effect on the final admissions decision.</p>

<p>Alright that sounds awesome! Lol I'm still working my hardest to get a B by the end of the semester (which means getting an A on the midterm...damn) so we'll see. </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>Good luck on your final, but I agree with other posters. One C from a student that they want to admit will probably not make a difference.</p>

<p>I really hope you're right PinotNoir; I heard Vanderbilt is big on grades, so I hope not. I'm really praying my ECs and rigor carry me through.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>Isn't a C a big deal?</p>

<p>No. Depending on your teacher, AP Physics is hard as hell. You're fine.</p>

<p>Yeah she's ridiculous...she pretty much caters to those students who are inherently good at physics and not so much to those who actually need to study. We're already 4 sections ahead of our competitor school (my friend goes there and said they're on thermodynamics; we're already on circuits and resistors). </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>i'm in the same situation :( except my C in AP Physics C first semester has already been finalized and permanently marked on my 1st semester transcript :(</p>

<p>i was freaking out about all this last week too so here's what i did:
1) talked to my teacher to see if there was ANY possible way i could raise my grade (there wasn't)</p>

<p>2) talked to my GC about whether I should take a WP and do independent study or something of that sort. she reassured me (just as PinotNoir stated above) that if they want to admit me, that one C (my only C in high school) will not affect their admissions decision. she also said that in my midyear report she always writes that AP Physics C is the single hardest class our school offers.</p>

<p>i suggest you also follow the above two steps in addition to working your @$$ off for that A or B.</p>

<p>good luck! and if you get a C, who cares. your resume is probably frickin legit anyways. last resort: don't send your midyear report anywhere and wait for colleges to bug you about it. if they dont bug you (i've heard many stories of students being accepted RD w/o a midyear report), then you're in luck :D</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply chillmaster! I'm definitely going to speak with my GC about it as she knows how ridiculous hard our class is (my teacher got a masters in mechanical engineering from Georgia Teach...go figure). </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>a C in high school is pretty bad, but AP Physics and AP Calc BC are the two classes in which it's possible to work hard and still get a C. colleges know this and I don't think it will kill you unless your essay is about how you want to be a physics major.</p>

<p>I doubt it'll affect your application so much. I got a B in AP Physics C this semester (after many all-nighters) and a B in AP Calc BC (although that was entirely my fault. Got a B with an 89%). </p>

<p>When I spoke to my college counselor about it, she mentioned that she did write about how my coursework was more rigorous than all the other students in my class this year, and the AP Physics C class is the hardest class at the school. (Only two students received an A during the fall semester.)</p>

<p>WoodrowWilsonJR: I hope you're right. Lol my essay is the farthest thing from becoming a physics major, so that's a good thing. Thanks for the response!</p>

<p>idaisyi: My counselor will also address this. You're lucky you're on a 10-point grading scale; at my school, my 83 in Physics is a C, so hopefully colleges take into account that my C in high school would really be a B at a college. Thanks for the feedback!</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>