Will a C keep me from getting in?

<p>Also posted this in the Penn forum; I've been freaking out about getting a C in a recent class and I'm wondering if it will keep me out of my dream schools.</p>

<p>I have had straight A's all through high school in a Full IB Diploma course load except for one C in a semester of IB Precalc.</p>

<p>34 ACT, 2240 SAT, good extracurriculars, white female with no need for financial aid.</p>

<p>Almost definitely going for Communications.</p>

<p>Will that one C keep me from getting in? (And my counselor seems to think that they'll want some kind of explanation for it, like in an essay -- should I do that or not make too big a deal about it?)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>It will not keep you from getting in. Your transcript and GPA are presumably otherwise strong, and your test scores certainly are. It is possible that you might need to explain it, but you must be careful not to get too defensive about it. My recommendation would be to let your advisor/dean deal with it in his/her evaluation that is part of the Common App.</p>

<p>This would not keep you from getting in!!</p>

<p>And if you want to explain the C then you shouldn’t be the one explaining! If you write an essay about it,it would seem extremely whiny!!</p>

<p>My suggestion would be that you request your school counselor to allude the explanation for the C in her rec but DON’T STRESS OVER THIS!!! It would not keep you from getting in if your whole application is strong!</p>

<p>Thank you both so much, I’ve really been stressing. My high school is super-competitive and my counselor made this seem like the end of the world.</p>