Will a Chromebook be enough to get me through the first 2 months of mechanical engineering?

I have a chromebook as of now. Don’t have the money for a windows. I am planning on getting a windows laptop during black friday when prices are lower. I chose mechanical engineering as my major. Will a chromebook be enough to get me through the first 2 months of mechanical engineering up to black friday. I will get a windows laptop with 16gb ram and i7 on black friday, but will a chromebook be enough until then? Thanks.

Depending on your college and whether you will be on camous or not this fall, a Chromebook will probably be all you need, even past the first 2 months. Most of what you do your freshman year on a computer will probably be writting reports.

Upper class will involve more computing power and typically Windows based software. Some colleges, like the one my ME daughter went to, have computing labs where you can do all the heavy hitting computer stuff.

Go start with your Chromebook and see how it goes.

You probably won’t need the i7, an i5 or even an i3 might suffice.

I will email the university’s IT department asking if a chromebook is enough for my major for the first 2 months. I will try the chromebook, but I don’t think we will run too much software for the first 2 months. Thanks

Aren’t you still a high school senior? You have asked a lot of questions about applying to colleges.

Start saving for a new computer now. Then when you know what college you will be attending, you can buy the computer they reccomend for your program.