Will a low SAT score ruin my chances of being accepted?

<p>Although everything else isn't bad, I didn't do so great on my SATs. Will a score of less than 1800 completely ruin my chances?</p>

<p>I'll be honest and say that it will definitely affect you. NYU looks at SAT scores highly. I got into LSP, which is the sub-program of the College of Arts & Science, and I'm pretty sure that it was my SAT scores that ruined me. But you never know, maybe you're what they're looking for; there are so many other factors.</p>

<p>thanks for answering, as of now I'm not gonna get my hopes up but hopefully they'll look beyond SAT scores</p>

<p>Which major would you be applying to? I'm pretty sure Tisch takes the SAT scores much more lightly... then again it really depends on the other factors of your app.</p>

<p>If it's another school I would say that it really does affect your but it doesn't mean no. There'll always be people with really low SAT scores who get in</p>

<p>I have a 4.0, and got a 1790. I got in! ^_^</p>

<p>I got a 2070 (650 CR + 700 M + 720 W), and I got put in LSP. I've heard of people with SATs < 2070 getting into CAS, Tisch, Steinhardt, etc. I'm not exactly sure why I was LSP'd, but maybe SAT scores had something to do with it? Really, there's no one factor that makes or breaks you. I think NYU really takes a hollistic approach.</p>

<p>My sense is they care a lot about SAT scores -- they focus mainly in CR and M, not on W. Whay I say that is at an admitted students presentation last week they showed SAT stats for accepted students and it was based on the 1600, not 2400, scale.</p>